BLK ODYSSY Releases ‘YOU GOTTA MAN’ and Announces New Album ‘DIAMONDS & FREAKS’

It was announced that BLK ODYSSY has massive news that will drive his fans crazy. The first update is the release of a new R&B single featuring KIRBY called ‘YOU GOTTA MAN’. Moreover, the second announcement is the upcoming new album ‘DIAMONDS & FREAKS’. This will drop on the 7th of June via EMPIRE.

BLK ODYSSY recently released the single ‘ODEE‘, which was intoxicating; showing us soulful vocals. The piano chords take us into a passionate world. You can tell the instruments picked for this song came out exactly how BLK ODYSSY pictured it. Also, the elements portrayed within this were dark and seductive as BLK serenaded and carried an air of confidence on his shoulders.

In this track, the songs start with a guitar, R’n’B 808s, and soothing backing vocals mixed together. It takes your attention away with everything going on, as you drift into song. Furthermore, funky basslines and drum lines formed together creating a harmonic fusion. The situation within the song regards the singer having someone on his mind, but they are both taken by other people. It then led to BLK concluding that he will ‘see you next lifetime’. In addition, KIRBY, a soul artist, complemented the track with call-and-response verses which came together beautifully. She also has penned tracks for amazing artists such as Ye, Ariana Grande, and Beyoncé.

YOU GOTTA MAN’ is BLK’s third release of the year. This track really brought out the R’n’B-soul sound that fills the room with its endurance. Further to this, the song is perfect for playing amongst friends or setting the mood.

Additionally, ‘DIAMONDS & FREAKS‘ is going to be a blend of genres with a mix of R’n’B, hip-hop, and funk-pop. You have to love albums that explore different genres, showing us as an artist, what it means for you to create and bringing us into your world of music. Similarly, this project will be representing the different phrases of love and lust.

Here at IndustryMe, we cannot wait to see what this album entails. Certainly, BLK ODYSSEY is an R’n’B artist to keep your eye on.

BLK ODYSSEY is on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Make sure to read up on more reviews here.

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