boygenius Release Charity Cover of ‘The Parting Glass’

boygenius and Ye Vagabonds offered safe travels with their rendition of the traditional tune ‘The Parting Glass.’ 

Made up of Phoebe BridgersLucy Dacus, and Julien Baker, boygenius have proved this really is their world and we’re just living in it after an extremely successful year for them musically. However, this time they have teamed up with Irish folk duo and brothers Diarmuid and Brían Mac Gloinn of Ye Vagabonds in time for Bridgers’ annual holiday charity single.  

Ultimately this year, they chose the popular, long-established ‘The Parting Glass’ to collaborate on. Traditionally sung in Scotland and Ireland, this well-known tune is a parting tribute. Additionally, it commemorates the hospitality passed onto a departing guest, usually at the end of a gathering of friends. Likewise, it’s fitting that this song has been chosen, with the face of the cover art and the track dedicated to Sinéad O’Connor. She famously covered the ballad herself in 2002 and has been honoured so beautifully in this reminiscent piece. Bridgers also dedicated the song personally in an Instagram post about the tune, to her late father. 

As well as a tribute to the late musician, both bands and Interscope Records vowed to donate all proceeds from the single to the Dublin-based charity, the Aisling Project. Without a doubt, an amazing organisation that creates a foundation to encourage young people growing up in disadvantaged areas of Dublin to achieve their dreams. The Aisling Project was chosen by the Sinéad O’Connor Estate, who have been unbelievably gracious to the group’s goodwill.  

As we all know, music is something that can truly bring people together in both good times and bad. Especially in a world of uncertainty, it is the time of year to reflect. Therefore powerful messages in songs like these can be what gets us through. Both boygenius and Ye Vagabonds have proved this with their cover of the tender track. They have done so with compassion and awareness of life-changing charities and a dearly missed songwriter.

boygenius and Ye Vagabonds are on Instagram. You can also find out more about the Aisling Project and find more news pieces like this here.

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