Brooke Alexx is Grindin’ Like She’s Never Been!

Brooke Alexx is not one for compromising herself.

With music from YouTube Covers raking up to 33 thousand views to officially creating her own music, she is putting a millennial spin on maturity and independence. The singer has been on the up & up for a while now dropping her new single ‘Me’ which is about switching the vision inwards – no distractions!

She turns up the sass in a modern, pop anthem (yeah, I said anthem) with some reggae twists that basically screams “never settle for less”!

Putting her most powerful heels forward, to solidify her footprint in the game, the Tennessee-native and her past in musical theatre step into the spotlight with a song fit for blasting on the radio at any given time of day!

Brooke is currently performing across the US, with her EP due for release during the Autumn months. Judging by the lyrical content, instrumentation and a voice of class, we’re in for some espresso shots to the ears!

So when things aren’t so much about you, shift your attention to her Facebook & Instagram socials.

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