Cassie Marin

Cassie Marin Experiments with New, Multidimensional Synth Sounds on ‘Gemini’

The expressive artist and producer openly discusses the duality of the mind and body on ‘Gemini,’ recently brought to us on the 8th of July.

Alongside this candid release, Los Angeles based, Cassie Marin, has announced her upcoming secondary record titled ‘LiL 5i5,’ set to be out on the 12th of August.

To date, Marin has put out a collection of singles and EPs, following a similar style and pace to that of ‘Gemini,’ as well as her debut album named ‘Plastique Days‘ in 2017. What sets this new project apart from her previous bodies of work is the great collection of different styles we hear on it. Despite this, ‘Gemini‘ still encompasses the essence of that alt-pop sound associated with Cassie’s unique brand and image.

The eccentric quality of Cassie Marin brings an original flair to the scene, with her unconventional outlook playing heavily into both the music she makes, and her sense of self. This is compelling to the listener as it feels unique and modern.

Coming onto the track with a warped siren-like sound, Marin’s musical style is certainly far from two-dimensional. With this in mind, she employs multiple creative techniques to create a developed and layered listening experience. Combining modest, demure vocals with harsh, explosive instrumentals, the sound itself has a duality in it which mimics the meaning behind the track. The heavy use of pop-synth sounds is produced and crafted to perfection and gives the track a powerful electric sound.

The song sees me tackling one side of myself with humor and the other side of myself with passion. One side feels deserving of the good things that come to me while the other side feels stuck in an unwanted habit of self-sabotage. It’s a bit of a mood swing of a song that I feel many can relate to. 

Cassie Marin

Lyrically the track deals with matters of loneliness and isolation. Marin toys with the reality of not having to be alone to feel lonely, how it’s less about being physically alone, but rather about feeling out of place. The internal conflict that she’s experiencing is derived from being in a state of two minds, often clouding her judgement and sense of reality.

I started pursuing music as a career because of what music did and still does for me; it saves me every day.” She credits a lot in her life to music, and that passion and hunger is sure to fuel her rise to success in time to come.

Gemini is out now on all streaming sites, and you can find her on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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