Cecilia Gault – If You’re Gonna Lie

Cecilia Gault releases new single If You’re Gonna Lie

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Gault is fully immersed in the NYC songwriting and performing artist community. Currently a student at the lauded Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU, she has performed across multiple intimate venues across the city.

I would describe her sound as dainty vocals with an alternative influenced edge. There are subtle indications of the songs themes throughout the melody lines.

There is a simple three chord structure for the verses, with the slight offbeat on second chord perhaps indicating, as the singer suggests in her lyrics, that she has seen through her love interest’s lies.

While there is a clear electronic influence here complete with Synth heavy melodies, a playful bass line and what sounds like an electric keyboard, the traces of R&B and pop found in her upper register riffs and backing vocals respectively are undeniable.

What I enjoy most about the song, away from the vocals is the attention to detail on the production side of things, particularly the way the melody is lightly accented by small sounds on the space keys synonymous to those found on popular video games. Maybe a understated allusion to the games her love interest was playing. While I could just be reaching there I am sure we can all appreciate the added layer or flavour these sounds bring.

I also quite enjoyed the instrumental outro which I anticipate would sound incredible live.

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