DBMK drop brand new single ‘Chains’

Nashville-based alt/pop duo DBMK gives us an upbeat banger in their new song ‘Chains’.  Since creating the project they have sold out multiple shows and received millions of streams worldwide, girls will soon be falling at their feet if they continue to give us epic tunes like this.  Their music takes us to another dimension with electric yet fresh sounds that express themes of human experiences such as change, love, and loss.

‘Chains’ is both funky and quirky and I thoroughly enjoy the track as it is full of passion and has tonnes of energy that will make you want to bop or jump about too.  The single is relatable to all who feel the pressure of being young and the realities of growing up and I think with the catchy yet infectious words they have hit the nail on the head with this one.  The single allows the duo to showcase their personality by throwing in different flavours to emphasise happiness, peace, and fondness.

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The song oozes charm, cheese, and cheer which is something we all crave at the moment, you can feel the emotion and meaning throughout the track which is enough to sweep you away from sadness and make you instantly feel good.  It is light and refreshing, to begin with as we hear sweet melodies from the vocals, it’s a slow burner at first but then it builds up to a faster pace to bring the story behind the words to life and to make this hit incredibly indulging.  

The lyrics of I’m writing my theme song tell us that they are writing a song to their life and that they have the power and freedom to live it how they want to as well as being who they want to be without fear of judgment and with friends who are in it for the long-haul no matter what happens in the world.

DBMK presents us with a message in this single which explains that they feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders and how we’re in a generation where it feels like an apocalypse every day, but on the positive side of things we don’t have to be alone, we can have a party of our own to get through anything that is troubling us.  Gathering people that matter the most and doing things together that make you happy is the best cure as it helps you to forget for a while.  This track is fun, light-hearted, and brings laughter and smiles to your day reminding us of the warmth from the sun and calmness in the air, there is also an element of cheekiness and playfulness to do it which makes it so lively and wild.

Here at IndustryMe we look forward to hearing more incredible music from DBMK in the near future and we are excited to see what they do next. Listen to Chains below!

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