Denis Coleman

Denis Coleman Keeps it Raw and Powerful on ‘Narcissist’

Narcissist’ by Denis Coleman is a hyper-fun synth-heavy emotional time machine, transporting you back to the mind of an 18-year-old. Coleman’s evolving combination of authentic rawness and poppy, electronic sounding verses aligns him with artists like Why Don’t We, The Vamps and New Hope Club.

In ‘Narcissist,’ Denis Coleman blends highly synthesized sound with instrumental flare and quite blunt lines. Synthetic songs pop, by often achieving directness, like on ‘8 Letters‘ by Why Don’t We. (“If all it is eight letters/Why is it so hard to say?”) On Coleman’s previous single ‘Healing the Process,’ he sang “It’s pulling us down, the need to be wanted.” With his latest song ‘Narcissist,’ Coleman is shameless and a little more mature: ‘’I say I like you for you, but you remind me of me… we’re a beautiful life, identically unique.’’

Narcissist‘ touches on a hardcore infatuation that voyages into obsession and intense selfishness, like passing through the matrix of self-control, Denis Coleman wants to explore the darker and innate selfishness of his feelings. The hook itself captures the essential narcissism Coleman slightly idealises.

“And I assume that it’s reflective, but I cannot see from your perspective. I don’t know how to be objective.”

Previously his musical catalogue has touched on the idea of chemical romance: serotonin, dopamine, and halogen nights.

Not holding back, ‘Narcissist‘ asks you to swim in the “hyper surreal vision of heaven”, to give in to the perceived lie that is his own selfish infatuation, and to live it out in this extremely catchy feel-good song. As the summer of 2022 draws near, Coleman’s ‘Narcissist‘ shows that despite being new to the music scene, this 18-year-old did not come to play.

Denis Coleman is on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok

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