UK R&B Newcomer Rée Celine Releases New Single ‘Downlow’

UK R&B singer Rée Celine returns with her second single ‘Downlow’ (#TWYL).

You may recognise the R&B singer from our #NewMusicFriday roundup over on Instagram a few months ago. Well, she is back with another top-quality single.

After a positive reception to her debut single, ‘The Way You Love’, from BBC 1Xtra (Nadia Jae, DJ Ace), On Top Fm, Reprezent and Croydon FM the South London singer returns her follow up single ‘Downlow’.

Produced by RonnyBeats and JAYKEBEATS and co-written by Tendai, Rée Celine’s new track draws inspiration from the likes of Sevyn, an element which you hear in the R&B singer’s more delicate upper register.

Accented by trap-inspired adlibs, the bold follow-up track merges 00s R&B melodies with a booming bassline, creating a sound that remains sexy without losing that London edge.

A slick mix of sultry riffs and 808s, ‘Downlow’ is a sensual ode to femininity, oozing with an unspoken sense of confidence and self-assurance.

What is ‘Downlow’ about?

Well everybody enjoys the thrill of secrecy and as the R&B track’s title indicates. ‘Downlow’ is all about the adventure of being in a situation that nobody knows about.

That post break up zone where the lines are still blurred because both parties are just a little too comfortable to let each other go.

Choosing to ignore all the reasons the breakup happened in the first place, ‘Downlow’ describes the daring and perhaps less than wise decision to continue playing with fire.

Don’t get burnt Rée!

Rèe celine  release new single downlow

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