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Eden Rain Takes Inspiration from Various Art Forms with New Single ‘Bed (for a year)’

After releasing a string of socially reflective singles over the past few years, Leeds-born come Londoner, Eden Rain reveals another sonic delight in the form of a song inspired by her trusty companion, her bed.

This promising newcomer employs her illustrative songwriting abilities to vividly paint a picture of what takes place in her room. Rain’s music typically acts as an outlet for social commentary. She has previously sung about various themes like capitalism, women’s safety in the city, and female control. Through doing so she is actively using her voice to express her opinion on these relevant subjects through her music.

Bed’, from indie pop songwriter, Eden Rain, is an original track created as a result of her appreciation for the book ‘The Women Who Went To Bed For A Year‘ by Sue Townsend, as well as renowned British Artist, Tracey Emin. An artist known for her installation art piece ‘My Bed‘, Emin used her bed as a canvas to depict the realities of a depressive phase. In all its chaos, it acts as a reflection of her mind and body through the form of confessional art. Rain took inspiration from these creative endeavours and sculpted her track ‘Bed (for a year)’ around it.

“Sleep on it, sleep on it, sleep on it now. I’m going to bed for a year”

In essence, Rain’s bed acts as a hub for her various coping mechanisms. The desire to go to ‘bed for a year’ stems from the human urge to hibernate and escape reality through sleep when things get hard. Rain vocalises the comfort your bed provides in this scenario. However, she also reflects how easy it allows you to sink into a state of solitude and further depression.

We often associate a bed with comfort and relaxation. Yet, there is also a distinct vulnerability that lies in the concept of a bed. It is a place where you can be your complete true self, in your own space, and is often a place where you reside when you’re ill or sad. This makes it exposing despite the comfort it provides. Like Emin, Rain uses her bed as a way to cope with the struggles of mental health. It acts as a place of refuge when it’s most needed.

“I’m eating flies and hair ties, and foam from the mattress. The doctor calls me up, I guess he’s scared of malpractice, he prescribed a higher dose”

The sound of a heavy heartbeat is the first thing you hear on ‘Bed‘, which provides a steady momentum and injects a sense of urgency as it assertively beats in your ear throughout the track. Eden’s tuneful indie pop vocals are met with a booming electronic chorus. This almost emulates the sound of an alarm going off in-between moments of slumber. There is a subtle playfulness in that respect, which adds an additional layer to the quality of the song.

The song takes a very visual form with the style of writing Rain specialises in. This sees the track become very conversational and descriptive. She speaks of the crosswords, hair ties, and body cream which surround her and make up the Emin-esque scene. As humans, we spend a great deal of time in bed, so much so that they often become an extension of ourselves and the things we like and do. This is something Rain nicely illustrates in the song.

This exciting new track will soon be followed by Rain’s debut EP ‘Gutter Vision‘ expected to release in May. With lots of new music on the way from this rising artist, Eden has an upcoming show at Folklore Hoxton in celebration of her upcoming project- catch her here on the 22nd of May to listen live.

Bed (for a year)’ is out now and you can find Eden Rain on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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