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#IMMusicMonday: In Conversation With FLYNN MARKS

If not before, 2020 has truthfully depicted the healing ability music holds, the skill to sing, write, play, and ultimately, create a track to fit any sentiment is truly an art-form. 21-year old, Brit School grad, FLYNN MARKS is doing just that. 

Starting at only five-years-old, as a classically trained musician, the now music graduate, has finally released his debut single Crown, already racking-in 24,000 views on Youtube. It is safe to say FLYNN MARKS has mastered the artistry he wants to release to the world and is on a mission to help mend us all while he does it.

FLYNN MARKS in interview with IndustryMe about his single crown

Congratulations on your single release! What was the most nerve-racking thing (if any!) about release day? 

I think for me, I haven’t really released any music up until now, and I’ve been working on a lot of the stuff in the background. So, it was just seeing the reception and what people would think about it. But I think the reception has been good so far, which is amazing.

Could you give us a little insight into who or what Crown is about? 

Crown was inspired by a number of events that happened during my first year of university. For me, it was kind of finding who I was as a person. Navigating relationships, dating, it was all very new to me at that time and made me feel extremely vulnerable. 

I invested time and effort into certain people, and it was a thing where they don’t like you back but there is nothing you can do about it. it is quite a hard thing to go through, but it is something we have all experienced.

There is a certain level of vulnerability when you write songs like your other single ‘serpents’, which touches on the subject of domestic violence and toxic relationships. It is very brave to put forward your feelings to the world. How would you like your music to reflect these heavy but important topics? 

As a songwriter, the main purpose is to make sure people know they are not alone. I always have a thing in the back of my head where I always want people to relate to my art. It is also so therapeutic to me, at the same time.

Do you ever write songs about situations and worry that someone will know it was about them?

Ha-Ha, honestly…not really. I would never expose anyone anyway; I don’t think that’s very kind. But a lot of my experiences and lyrics are based on more than one time or person, so no-one can pinpoint that it is about them.

Your voice is stunning, truly spine-tingling. How much practice goes into perfecting your vocals? 

I was classically trained, and I was in the choir since the age of seven, so I’ve been singing for my whole life. I think classical training helped with the vocal range, and the fact my voice broke during my training, which, for many men is kind of a scary part.

Intensive singing has helped and perfected the kind of style I want to achieve. I think I’ve pretty much found my approach and how I want to shape my vocals. The Brit school was a massive turning point for this, I started there when I was 16, so I was able to focus on my original music and also, how I wanted to sound.

You joined the prestigious Brit School at 16! What was that experience like? 

I absolutely loved The Brit School! I cannot fault it in any way.

It is such an amazing place because you are surrounded by so many like-minded people, that all share the same passion for creating art, and being able to collaborate with people outside of music courses, like theatre, really helped. You’re able to soak up so much information, and that’s where things (musically) started to get serious because they catered to where I wanted to take my career.

FLYNN MARKS in interview with IndustryMe about his single crown

You said that you have two albums worth of singles, why did you choose the Crown as your debut? 

Crown was one that I always wanted to be the first release, because I think lyrically, emotionally, and vocally, it represented the vulnerability I was going through at that time. To me, that was a very personal song, so for people to resonate and connect with it, means a lot to me.

Obviously, as you grow and experience new things, the songs develop through that. But Crown was a lot different to the portfolio I have now, in terms of the vocals, it is a very fragile tone. 

I thought it would be interesting to see what people thought of the vocal aspects.

I read that you always sought “solace and strength” from your live performances, how has the pandemic impacted that? 

To be honest, I was finishing up my studies this year so there wouldn’t have been anything around that time, anyway. I’ve been able to get through that though, I always sing aloud at home and whenever I can, so I have been practicing loads for live performances!

But it is definitely the hardest thing to release a single and not being able to perform it and have a showcase. Taking the time off, because it has been such a long time, it is going to be a bit…scary coming back to perform.

When in a room of conversation, what would you want people to say about FLYNN MARKS the musician? 

I want people to think of me as a very honest musician, and a talented songwriter, that puts everything into an unsaturated, natural song. There is so much music out there that sits in the same repeated feeling, I want to be the artist that people can listen to when they feel alone or any other emotion.

You’ve graduated now, so you have more free time on your hands, what is next for you? 

Recording my EP! That is a massive thing for me. I’m also releasing another single, both are set to release early 2021. I’m just getting the next level of material down, so when live performances happen, I’m ready for that. I currently work in Asda! So, I’d love to see myself performing internationally and be recognised as a musician.

Listen Crown by FLYNN MARKS available on all streaming platforms now:

Words by: Hiba Hassan

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