Future Bubblers Announce New Candidates for Artist Development Academy

In 2015, the Future Bubblers Academy emerged as a development artist scheme under Brownswood Music. In addition, it received funding from Arts Council England. Now in 2023, they’ve relaunched the program in an exciting new format.

Correspondingly, they’ve just unveiled six promising unsigned artists and industry professionals who will embark on their journey of industry development and mentoring. These candidates were carefully selected from underrepresented groups and backgrounds. Further to this, they were specifically from social classes that traditionally lack access to formal music education. In past years, the academy has nurtured talents like Snowy, Yazmin Lacey, Revenu, and Kayla Painter.

Firstly, we have Bill Bilwala, a 24-year-old native of Brixton Hill, boasting a meticulous approach to cataloging music. He curates playlists from over 70,000 songs into spreadsheets. Meanwhile, Shadeemus is a psychedelic space-soul band originally hailing from Leicester. Their roots span Wales, Ireland, Jamaica, and Nigeria. Moreover, they emerged in response to the lack of such groups in their hometown. Their unique blend of heritage and Leicester upbringing sets them apart.

t l k is a versatile vocalist and producer, crafting music that seamlessly navigates through various genres and structures. Furthermore, this Bristolian creates dreamlike atmospheres that delve into themes like loss and trauma. In contrast, Ebony, a North London native, seeks to explore the diverse realms of nightlife to evolve her creative process. She draws inspiration from self-discovery, family, friends, and her hometown. On the other hand, O.K Asanda is inspired by artists like André 3000 and D’Angelo. He relocated to Manchester in pursuit of new musical avenues. Correspondingly, his artistry focuses on soul and R’n’B to convey his personal experiences and emotions.

Lastly, JOIISOL’s music beautifully fuses neo-soul, R’n’B, and electronic elements. It reflects her journey from isolation in East Yorkshire to her relocation to Wolverhampton. Moreover, she thrives in a creative and collaborative environment. Her music aims to resonate with fellow shy introverts, spreading happiness through its openness.

The program’s main objective is to provide candidates with hands-on experience in areas such as promotions, marketing, mastering, live performances, and other crucial aspects of the industry. Over the course of a year, they will acquire industry connections and enhance their personal skills. Overall, the new iteration of the project seeks innovative ways to introduce artists and professionals to the intricate and ever-evolving music industry landscape.

Future Bubblers are on InstagramX, and TikTok. Find more articles here.

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