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Getting to Know Zoe Wees

For many, 19-year-old, Zoe Wees is a familiar face having been praised by a majority of 2021’s artist to watch list, and most recently Youtube’s Artist On The Rise From her room in Hamburg, Germany she joined us in a press conference hosted by 1824°, seemingly relaxed but somewhat introverted as she gracefully answered many questions posed by many industry personnel.

Zoe Wees was first introduced to the world back in 2020 after the release of her debut single, Control which now has almost 45 million views on Youtube and charted in several countries including a number 1 spot in France. To say the least, Zoe’s catapult into the industry has been a whirlwind, but the most positive impact on her and her audience. The single delves into Zoe’s fight with anxiety and Benign Rolandic Epilepsy. A condition in children that causes nighttime seizures so strong to wake them up.

“The sickness was stronger than me and left scars that have become part of my life. Accepting them has taken so much time, but they make me what I am today: a fighter. ‘Control’ is not only the story of the end of a long struggle for me but also the beginning of leaving my past behind,” says Zoe in a past interview.

Her cutting-edge roster of music is deep, unique, and each telling of each ground-breaking moment in her journey. inspired and empowered by artists like Jessie J, she started making music as a child and continues to blissfully write and produce music that is her true form of expression. She also recently made her US TV debut performing the song on The Late Late Show with James Corden back in January, which she says was her “biggest career highlight so far”.

Since then Zoe Wees has also released her 5-track debut album, Golden Wings, and has achieved critically acclaimed status with almost 300 million Spotify plays. The title is a beautiful and heart-warming dedication to the artist’s late great-grandmother, who is said to always be looking down on Zoe’s family with her ‘Golden Wings’.

Image by Jeff Hahn

As stated in her Instagram bio “I think confidence is the sexiest thing to have”, fitting as she confesses to a question asked in the conference, that one of her favourite things is when people look at her. “I used to hate it but now I am comfortable in how I look; I love when they look at me. my music has really helped”. Speaking to a magnitude of women, Zoe’s single Girls Like Us is an anthem filled with empowerment and self-worth. Offering a variety of uplifting lyricism, she is able to express the doubts and insecurities so many women experience translating it into self-love. 

When asked by the Industry Me Team what practicing self-love looked like, she said “You never feel like you love everything. The reality is that you’re going to live with your body forever so you might as well start loving yourself! It’s about having confidence in yourself! All I could catch in the moment.”

When understanding her musical process, Zoe used the perfect oxymoron that specifically resonates with her listeners:

“I hate writing about happy things. It makes me sad.” 

Describing her process as her therapy, “When I write lyrics and stuff with my best friends, I feel so much better. And I’ve actually cried because of it.”

Her words and artistry are just as healing for Zoe as they are for her fans, displaying the true extent of just how much more is to come for Zoe. She shows us that authenticity is a powerful tool in the midst of the real world. Zoe is not done yet, with her tour in 2022, she says “I’m still in the very beginning”.

Listen to Golden Wings by Zoe Wees here:

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