Grace May Opens Up in New EP “L.V.R.”

Following the success of her debut single “Quiet,” Grace May is releasing new music in the form of her EP L.V.R. and its lead single “Angel.”

If you loved the rich, vibrant R&B aesthetic that Grace May put out with “Quiet,” get excited: L.V.R. keeps the same vibe while bringing so much more. “Angel,” which is not only the first single but the opening track of the EP, sets the tone for the following tracks. Every song features May’s smooth-as-butter vocals and atmospheric production.

Not just a singer, Grace May holds songwriting duties on this EP, and her growth as a writer is clear. Regarding songwriting, May revealed that, “Writing about romance and love doesn’t always come naturally to me because I can be pretty closed off if I feel vulnerable.” Adding that “being closed off is tiring,” the artist challenged herself in the songwriting process.

“I wrote this EP as if I were talking to my best friend, or writing in my journal or, at times, speaking to an old love and telling them all of the things I was too afraid to say. I didn’t filter my emotions out of fear and in the end, it felt so good. Freeing,” she says. “This EP depicts the perfect and not-so-perfect moments from my past romantic relationships and the lessons I’ve learned from them.”

Though L.V.R. is comprised of only four songs, the 24-year-old singer does a fantastic job at depicting those moments in each track. From “Angel,” about a woman finding a new love after a bad relationship, to “Runnin’,” detailing the fear one feels when it’s time to open up to a new partner, each song cuts deep.

For a debut, it’s incredibly impressive. The singer displays a level of vulnerability in these songs that even seasoned veterans struggle with. If L.V.R. is a sign of what’s to come, Grace May is certain to be a superstar.

Listen to L.V.R. by Grace May here:

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The Creatives
3 years ago

Terrific. So many fab artists being found thanks to the IM crew

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