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Home Counties are Back with a Bang with Their Latest Project ‘Exactly As It Seems’ (Review)

Home Counties is a band that has been continuously making their mark on the music scene. Releasing their first album this month, ‘Exactly As It Seems’ captures the essence of psychedelic synths that set the tone for this triumphant project.

Synths & Cowbells

Made up of close friends who have played together since they were younger, the group has had time to perfect their sound. Even so, with newest member Lois Kelly adding a fresh flare. Furthermore, Home Counties are doing what they do best, talking about all things relevant from greed and life getting you down. However, accompanying that with a twangy guitar track and catchy vocals keeps you on your toes.

Introducing the album is the teaser track, ‘Uptight’, which houses classic dance floor beats mixed with moody tones. As the tune builds up, you can hear the true talents of the group, 70s disco synths, and The Chemical Brothers’ influence. Like warped chant, they fill your ears. Whereas, songs like the catchy, ‘Dividing Lines’, start and end with a perfect mix of everything you expect from Home Counties. This includes the iconic cowbell. Nevertheless, they push their boundaries further and further. Full of clever lyrics about bass players getting real jobs, they lean into their comedic abilities and serve up a wonky, wonderful tune.

Although their musical abilities are never doubted in any project of theirs, ‘Wild Guess‘ is a standout that showcases the vocal talent of vocalist/guitarist Will Harrison, mixing up the tune to create a perfect hit of summer beats. Alongside this is the masterwork of their very own band member, Conor Kearney proves that they are a band of all trades.

Sticking It To The Man

Additionally, their fourth single, ‘You Break It, You Bought It’ is a tune that has gained traction, taking over radio stations. Similar to some of their older tracks, the haunting storytelling shines a light on sticking it to the man. The lyrics highlight living with problematic landlords and doing what you can to get small victories in the face of money-hungry property owners. All in all, this album shows the band staying true to their roots while showcasing their hard work and passion for the music they’re making. Although some tracks could have explored a more experimental side of their talents, it still stands as an album of the summer.

Paving the Way

I had the pleasure of seeing Home Counties a few years ago and would tell everyone to see this band live. Their stage presence is unmatched, so I can only imagine they have continued to outdo themselves with this knockout LP. It is undeniable that the group is proving its place in the music world. Therefore, it means there is much excitement for what is next to come.

Rating: 7/10

You can find Home Counties on Instagram, X, & TikTok. You can read more album reviews like this one here, and stream the project below.

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