#IMDiscovers July Roundup

July has been a month filled with even more fantastic and fresh music. Here at IndustryMe, we have the latest and greatest.

JeRonelle – Vulnerable

Independent R&B phenomenon JeRonelle has returned to the music scene with his new EP entitled ‘Vulnerable’. The project from the artists consists of 5 tracks, each one documenting the story of a man who falls so deeply in love that he later falls victim to neglect of his own value and self-worth. For everyone who is a fan of R&B music, ‘Vulnerable’ has it all, featuring emotional power ballads full of soul and rhythm and upbeat R&B bangers. This EP is sure to attract all fans of the genre.

Umaymah – Howl

A musician that really caught my eye for this months roundup was none other than Moroccan artist Umaymah. Her creativity and originality has been expressed by the way she performs and has been present from a young age. She has a number of influences, being recognised as a soul artist with a hint of electro-pop. Her new single, however, defies all the odds and makes for a smooth R&B track. Having been born in Morocco and growing up in East London, Umaymah manages to combine both cultures into her music, making for a contemporary sound that gets her noticed. Umaymah shows off her remarkable voice in this piece, reaching for those operatic high notes. We are super excited to see what Umaymah brings us next.

Namesbliss – Finding My Way

Building quite the profile for himself, enter Namesbliss, an upbeat artist who is rising to the top of the music scene. He brings us ‘Finding My Way’, an energetic piece with Namebliss’s quickfire lyrics over the top of a garage beat. This track allows Namebliss to discover and explore his own lyrical ability and is a song of self-discovery, which we love! We dig this spirit lifting little number and can’t wait to see the reaction to it.

NayPalmNeo – Meraki, love Siren

We are super excited to introduce music from one of our very own! NayPalmNeo is one of our valued writers here at Industry Me, not only is she talented at writing but she also has a knack for music both producing and performing it. ‘Meraki, love Siren’ is a behind the scenes look at what it takes to conquer something and overcoming your worst fears, no matter the situation. NayPalmNeo touches on anxiety, a relatable topic for the generations, and finding a way to accept yourself for who you are in the face of adversity. With such beautiful and valuable meaning, this track just had to be in the roundup. Thank you for this wonderful gift Nay Palm!

Devin Kennedy – No Worries

Since his release of singles started in 2018, Devin Kennedy has had a lot of success. He brings us ‘No Worries’, a soulful track with a chilled groove. This is a ‘set the mood’ kind of tune, with Kennedy’s wistful falsetto the perfect backdrop for a romantic meal with your significant other or a relaxed family meal. Whatever the scene, ‘No Worries’ is the ideal tune to relax, chilled vibes only please!

Mary Moore – Rooted Heart

Folk-pop artist Mary Moore has recently released her EP ‘Rooted Heart’! Moore’s vocals are so truly distinctive, which makes her work intriguing and she adds something new to the music scene. Her EP is an attractive indie-folk project made up of four songs. Throughout the tracks, there is an overall sense of hope and resilience in a world that requires you to cling to hope. Moore is an inspiration with her acoustic guitar melodies and brings a down to earth almost spiritual sound with this new EP. 

Lykke Li – Neon

Our favourite Swedish singer/songwriter returns with her melancholic vocals on newly released EP ‘Still Sad Still Sexy’. Li is compelling with her work, using creativity and aesthetic to bring her colourful vision to life throughout her work. The track ‘neon’ off of the EP brings us euphoric electro-pop with a hint of sultriness. Li always aims to impress and relate with her work, constantly developing her sound and experimenting with different tones. 

Bat for Lashes – Feel For You

Bat for Lashes return with emotional new track ‘Feel For You’. The bands vocalist Natasha Khan gets straight to the point with this piece, expressing her love for an unknown person constantly throughout the track. This is a nostalgic piece, 80’s vibes present from the start. We love the rhythmic beats that Bat for Lashes have produced with this song.

Strawberry Guy – Mrs Magic

A bit of dream-pop for this roundup – Strawberry Guy brings us Mrs Magic, an atmospheric piece that combines together both sounds typical of a pop track and instruments typical of an orchestra to make this beautifully formed piece of music which you will catch us listening to right through the Summer months!

Metronomy – Walking in The Dark

Possibly my favourite song of the year so far, electro-pop band Metronomy bring us ‘Walking in The Dark’. An alt-pop number with some vintage synth added in, this track will not only make you want to walk in the dark but dance in it! This track sums up everything Metronomy is about and has got us mega excited for the album to be released September 13.

Aleisha Lee – Pick Up Your Foot

Written and performed by Aleisha Lee, ‘Pick Up Your Foot’ is a world away from what we are normally used to from the R&B songstress. If you are a lover of garage/house music then this song is for you. Fiery and fierce, Aleisha delivers a freestyle that is entirely different to her usual smooth powerhouse vocals. For such a young musician, Aleisha Lee certainly has a mature talent that can’t be tamed.

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