#IMDiscovers June Roundup

  1. Samuel Jack – Feels Like Summer

Kicking off our fabulous June roundup, we have Samuel Jack. We are all on the hunt now for a summer anthem, Jack’s feel good hit ‘Feels Like Summer’ may well be the contender for that position. Jack pairs up bright brass with bold percussion in this piece, making for a catchy melody which can get anyone up and moving. Having played a number of stages at festivals, such as the infamous Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party, it comes as no surprise to us hear at IndustryMe that Jack has gained so much widespread recognition for his work and is definitely one to watch as we head into the summer months.

2. Deyah – 24 HRS 

Hip hop yet old school, Deyah has hit us with another jam, releasing her new single ’24 HRS’. The demo for the track was recorded in one take, making the song the all more impressive. Becoming a young inspiration, Deyah has been noticed by the likes of Lily Allen, who has openly stated that Deyah is going to be the next big talent of 2019. We are loving this one Deyah!

3. Nora Rothman – Strange

‘Strange’ is the dreamlike track that has just been released off of Rothman’s new EP, entitled ‘Nothing New’. Rothman brings something different to the table, being known as an activist within the music industry, as well as a singer songwriter. She seeks to explore something different within her work, and brings us an ethereal track which makes us wonder where the EP will go next. The EP is set to be released July 12.

4.  Bluesforthehorn – Servitude 

Servitude is a beautiful song, yet so completely heartbreaking. The first time anyone feels grief, it is hard to know how to deal with it. After losing her baby nephew, R&B soul singer Bluesforthehorn decided to express her emotions and feelings through song and wrote ‘Servitude.’ A heart wrenching song, Bluesforthehorn has given us an insight into her innermost thoughts. Feel the bravery it too to write such an honest piece of music.

5. Dej The Ego – Rapunzel 

East London rapper Dej The Ego presents to us ‘Rapunzel’ for this months roundup. An uplifting track, ‘Rapunzel’ reflects on how it feels to emerge from a bad situation and end up in a good one. Something we found interesting about this piece was the name of the track. Rapunzel refers to the film Tangled – a metaphor for having long hair and getting stuck. This details a metaphor for the entire song, showing that while you may feel stuck, you can always get out at the end.  

6. Zay – Sorry Not Sorry 

21 year old singer songwriter Zay has released a brand new pop single ‘Sorry Not Sorry’. Feeling very proud of the track, Zay feels that it shows her progression as an artist and brings something new to the music scene. Zay has travelled all over, being born in Saudi Arabia then moving to Austria before settling in Britain. The meaning behind the song is fierce, as Zay sings about immediately cutting off someone from her life as soon as she realised how toxic they were. Despite it being a hard process, Zay communicates how you can eventually let that person go. A powerful track of empowerment.

7. James Leonard Hewitson – Deader

Up and coming indie artist James Leonard Hewitson throws us the first track to be released off of his debut album ‘Only The Noise Will Save Me’. Deader provides a welcome taste of what’s to come from the album, set to be released in Autumn. A classic pop piece, Hewitson adds in his own unique lyrics making this a funky little number. We’re super excited for the album!

8. Only Sun – It’ll Be Alright

Indie pop sensation ‘Only Sun’ are back to their roots with their vibrant summer hit “It’ll Be Alright’. The quintet share the motto “life is just better with a little sunshine” and this couldn’t be clearer within their new music which is being recognised as people get ready to enjoy the summer months. 

9. Selfish Things – Pride  

2019 is promising to be a fab year for Selfish Things as they introduce new single ‘Pride’. Lead singer Alex Biro describes the song as being someone who feels out of place in a world that’s so disconnected, an important topic to consider in today’s society.

10. Ada Lea – What Makes Me Sad 

Ada Lea announces the release of her new album ‘What We Say In Private’ out July 19. A project that Lea started at the end of a long term relationship, ‘What We Say In Private’ allowed Lea to rediscover herself and accept herself for who she was. It is an inspiration to those out there who feel tormented and trapped and gives hope.

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