It is time to delve into the best up and coming tracks of this month. Let’s take a look!

Fredrick Halland – Taken By You

Originally from Bergen, Norway, Fredrick Halland now resides in LA where he moved to at the age of 16 after receiving a scholarship to study at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Released on May 1, ‘Taken By You’ uses simple yet catchy guitar riffs throughout building up to a smooth chorus, communicating the feeling of being loved up with someone. This piece has all the makings of a sweet and lighthearted pop song, a well-deserved number to be in this month’s round up!

Matt Blvck – Dangerous

Representing the very best of modern UK R&B, Matt Blvck brings us his new single ‘Dangerous. Set to be the next breakout R&B star in the UK, Blvck brings us a new energy with this track and will no doubt soar into charts with this track. With the energy that is required in every R&B track, Blvck has also managed to mix in an old style soul, making him a force to be reckoned with. We can’t wait to see what Blvck does next!

SC.undercover – 7 rings (Ariana Grande remix)

Every one of us is guilty for liking a little bit of Ariana Grande now and then. Well, Sc.undercover brings us something completely different. This is a whole new take on Grande’s anthem ‘7 Rings’. It appears a lot slower and is very passionate from the get go, with a slightly more melancholy sound than the original. SC.undercover has created a masterpiece with this remix, creating am intimate mix of both soft R&B and spoken word. A brilliant project indeed!

whenyoung – A Labour of Love

Female fronted band whenyoung bring us a soft indie feel-good track with ‘A Labour of Love.’ Aoife Power (vocals) has a pitch range like no other, showing it off perfectly in this piece, building the vocals up to a climactic chorus where she proves the power behind her voice. Something I loved in particular about this piece is the careful use of harmonies throughout, adding something very special to this track.

FLETCHER – About You

Pop icon FLETCHER (Cari Elise Fletcher) hits out at us with another beautiful love song. FLETCHER has a voice that is just instantly recognizable and within this piece, she uses a lot of layering to create a chorus of voices to build up the power of this piece. A pop anthem for sure, ‘About You’ tells us the tale of a girl very much in love, unable to stop thinking about the person she loves. A relatable artist, FLETCHER always manages to deliver a pop anthem.

LOVA – I Can Do Better

If you listened to Swedish singer/songwriter LOVA, would you believe me when I say she is only 19 years old? At such a young age, LOVA is already making waves in Sweden and is bringing her sound over to the UK and spreading out globally, due to her being signed to Universal Music. She brings us ‘I Can Do Better’, a funky little pop tune that’ll have you smiling in no time. Her songs are quite minimalistic yet they make for brilliant tunes that anyone will enjoy. She writes from a vulnerable young woman’s perspective, which makes her a relatable pop artist.

Tisrome – No Mileage

Tisrome brings us his new R&B track ‘No Mileage’ and it is the perfect anthem to put on at any party. Picture underground clubs with this song blaring and it’ll definitely get you excited about this new track. Something I like about this track is Tisrome’s incorporation of small piano riffs throughout to add a somewhat delicate edge to this straight up R&B piece.

Sea Girls – Damage Done

Four-piece London band Sea Girls release their new track Damage Done which is everything a classic indie love track should be – catchy and upbeat with lyrics of heartbreak. I was super excited when I discovered this band as listening to them, I know they’re going to go on and do big things as their music is highly enjoyable and extremely catchy. I can just picture fans belting out the lyrics to this track at any Sea Girls gig!

Declan Welsh and The Decadent West – Different Strokes

Possibly my favourite tune from this month so I had to include it into the roundup. Declan Welsh is a singer/songwriter from Glasgow and has his band, The Decadent West, play alongside him, performing tunes that have an overall sense of humanity. This is something that is very much missing in this current day and age. Declan and his band are using their music for good and to spread good messages but also just highlight the brutal truth. It makes him different from a lot of other artists out there. This track is one to be listened to, a song that almost sounds angry but is just pure passion and a need for change.

Honeyblood – Gibberish

At first, you think you might be listening to Paramore, with Honeyblood bearing a lot of similarities to Paramore’s most recent hits. Honeyblood were originally formed as a duo in Glasgow in 2012 but now remains a solo project ran by Stina Tweeddale. She rocks as a solo artist, creating a stir internationally as well as being popular and well-loved in her home country of Scotland.

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