#IMDiscovers: The August Roundup Part 2

We are back with another instalment of #IMDiscovers, the bi-monthly segment where we share some of our favourite submissions. So without further ado let’s get into it!

Ruth-Ellen “New Day” Single

Soulful R&B and South London-based Ruth-Ellen is reminding listeners to appreciate and glow with each “New Day”. The single for her upcoming LP is really a light and bright track that has an uplifting and positive message for her growing fanbase. ‘I now feel equipped to embrace new life experiences and trials. The inner work is creating an outer glow and I’m letting it shine for all to see.’- Ruth-Ellen With trying to put a pandemic and lockdown behind us this song is just in time as we start to go back out and enjoy our summers even though some are still hesitant we can still appreciate each day that comes in our direction.

Allegra Jordyn “Talk of The Town” Single

With her new pop single “Talk of The Town”, emerging Toronto artist Allegra Jordyn is bringing listeners into her space and expressing her feelings about knowing her self-worth. “Talk of the Town” could be interpreted about fame but really she is singing about wanting someone to notice the attention you’re giving them and for those feelings to be reciprocated back. The track is honest and relatable and I’m sure fans alike will understand where the artist is coming from. Jordyn is a young and fresh artist so there is a lot more to expect from her as she grows musically.

Summer Heart “Inside Out” Single

Swedish alt-pop artist, Summer Hearts’ new single “Inside Out” is a light summer track and part of the upcoming EP “Insecurities”. The song has a mixture of pop and electronic vibes and shows off how the artist likes to experiment with his sound. “Inside Out” is the second single to be released and follows the psychedelic aesthetic of the EP that Summer Hearts is creating and will sound perfect on a long drive with the rooftop down.

TARYN “Brand New” Music Video

The music video, “Brand New” for Atlanta based artist TARYN is out now. The song is literally about starting afresh and beginning again. In the video the artist is free and just like the song she is welcoming change and growth with open arms and showing her vulnerability in the song to her listeners “I think the video does a beautiful job of conveying what the song represents: frequent change and the feeling of freedom in your own space, creating an environment for yourself that you’re comfortable with and that you’re proud to live in, that expresses who you are on the inside and out,” TARYN says.. The music video for her single was shot in Nashville, and was created with a small team consisting of director Joseph Wasilewski, assistant director Garrett Boiling, gaffer Richard Chilton, and choreographer Ysa Fernandez. 

Ezra Jordan “Dollarama” Single

Ezra Jordan wants to bring fans into the next stage of his life through his music and single “dollarama” and his new EP to come is his platform for this. In the track, Jordan self-reflects on how his life was impacted by the pandemic and his plans for his music career experienced a dramatic shift but the song isn’t at all negative instead it’s all about perspective and the artist appreciating who he is and seeing if his goals still align with that.

NAHLI “Something’s Gotta Change” Single/ Music Video

NAHLI is definitely an artist that has an individual sound and she’s not afraid to use her music as a platform for her activism and “Something’s Gotta Change” is her as an artist making a stance and a push for change,

“The world is starting to allow triggering messages in film and TV series, more and more every day. We’re seeing more understanding of LGBTQIA+. We’re seeing more representation of race and colour. We’re broadening our minds. We’re no longer brushing topics like rape and racism and discrimination under the rug. The media is no longer turning their backs on women claiming to be a ‘victim’ or for ‘asking for it’ or ‘she wore provocative clothing’. NOW is the time for change. I want people to feel empowered by this track. You’re not alone anymore. This is a movement. This is my absolute proudest work.” – NAHLI

Sabriel “The Flame” Single

Having a childhood dream is something many listeners have experienced and that is what Las Vegas Neo-soul artist Sabriel (pronounced shä brē el) is portraying in her single “The Flame”, she is also a songwriter and producer. In the song, the artist’s rich vocals are paired with a soulful beat full of percussion and melodies as she affirms and fulfills the dreams of her younger self resulting in a track that feels soft, a little fiery, and uplifting. This showcases what’s to come from Sabriel’s EP and as a Neo-soul artist, she is on her way to making a mark in the genre.

Sammi Constantine “The Show” Single/ Music video

The song “The Show” is pop artist Sammi’s, first single to be released along with a self-directed music video for her upcoming six-track EP. The artist from Sydney, Australia wanted to show the battle between her two selves which listeners can experience in the video its both dark and edgy while lyrically the song is raw about a battle being trapped inside your own mind and body, when you feel disconnected from it but can’t escape it. Sammi creates songs that explore themes she’s not afraid to discuss like her mental health which makes her and her music very relatable by using her personal experiences to tackle the stigma around it.

KATE THE DREAMER “Call U When I Land” Single

Kate The Dreamer is a new indie-pop artist, and “Call U When I land” is her second single release this year. This song explores her want of moving to LA to pursue a music career despite what anyone else might think of her dreams or goals. Kate The Dreamer is standing her ground in the track as she refuses to do anything else, the song is a remedy for anybody who’s got to stand up for themselves and a message to her haters who don’t share in her vision. “This is a song about the tough conversations, the ones that sting, the ones that you hold onto for years, the ones that fuel your fire.”

Dani Doucette “DITW (Dead In The Water)” Music Video

The “DITW” music video is sweet and dreamy much like Dani Doucette’s single of the same name and is very complimentary of the song even though the artist is singing about the breakdown of a tumultuous relationship “I don’t want to rock the boat… we both know we won’t float.” The artist still manages to overcome this like, in the video we see Doucette stuck but then breaking free from the relationship she is singing about.

Kass Rose Gold “Joy Ride” EP

Pop Artist Kass Rose Gold, has a new body of work out her 5 track EP “Joy Ride”. The opening song “Forbidden Love” sets the tone for the rest of the EP as the San Diego based singer and songwriter talks about exactly that, a love that she’s entangled in accompanied by an early pop beat. “It was a goal of mine to create something that people could dance to and find moments of joy in once the lockdown was finally over…I found inspiration from a past relationship; being strung along by someone during a global pandemic took me to some really dark places. Thankfully, I found solace in the creation of this music.” says Kass.

tendai “Not Around” Single / Music Video

Artist tendai, is making his debut with his single “Not Around” along with a music video directed by Hector Dockrill. The young artist is from East London with a musical taste similar to BenjiFlow and Scribz Riley. The song and energy of the music video is all about those late London nights, it has a sense of nostalgia to be young and to fall in and out of love in London. In tendai’s own words “this is music to feel in your bones”. He’s not wrong and he’s an upcoming London artist to watch as his music will be a great addition to the UK scene.

Payson Lewis “Hotel Suite” Single

Payson Lewis has a new and cheeky track called “Hotel Suite”. In the song, Lewis’ lyrics express the freedoms of being in a hotel room and doing and being who you want, “come to my hotel suite where we can be who we want to be.” It has a feel good and funky melody that matches the vibe that Lewis was trying to create for his fans and he has succeeded in creating a song that listeners will want to sing along to.

Delawness ft Yasi B “Introspeq” Single

New artist Delawness has a new R&B track featuring Yasi B called “Introspeq.” Delawness is best known for his graphic logo on his alum covers as not only is he a songwriter or producer but he is also a graphic designer and illustrator – a man with many creative talents. “Introspeq” is a song that was released as part of a collectors edition for an EP of the same name, he has a very contemporary R&B sound which can be heard in this single.

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