#IMDiscovers: The November Roundup (Part 1)

November is here and while it’s technically not Winter yet, it sure feels colder outside. With Christmas on the way and Bonfire Night been and gone, let’s see what great music you need to get into while you wait for the rain to stop.

Selfish Bodies-Bambi Legs

This track brings synth-wave-inspired production, gritty vocals, and a feeling of grandiosity. The song feels like it could have been out of a movie, showing this alternative pop-rock trio know how to capture a cinematic feel. The track details feeling insecure and second-guessing, which matches the erratic instrumental. Selfish Bodies are the next exciting group in this scene you need to check out.

AJA-Mental Breakup

AJA brings captivating vocals and engaging lyricism to the table on ‘Mental Breakup.’ It’s an inspiring tale of getting over someone who has not been there for you, providing relatable content. This rising star from Toronto may only be 18, but she already knows how to grab your attention.

Mauvey-BEFORE THE ALBUM: a love letter to the moons of mars

Having previously had a career in basketball, Mauvey has now moved into the music game. He’s made a splash with this EP, combining emotional vocals and sci-fi-esque production to create a unique soundscape. This project documents the mixture of feeling in perfect synergy and yet not being loved back by someone. It’s now the perfect time to get into Mauvey as he’s set to perform at The Social in London on the 8th of February.

Lyle Kam-blurry eyed

Through this body of work, Lyle Kam was able to get across his thoughts and feelings in order to find himself. Whether on the EDM tinged ‘isn’t it funny‘ or the city pop of ‘tokyo,’ Kam can express himself clearly. His music is aided by his soulful delivery and the catchy lyrics and instrumentals. ‘blurry eyed‘ works as a great piece of music and exploration into a chapter of someone’s life.

emie nathan-deep down

This new single from her upcoming EP is a powerful ballad, full of passion and rawness. emie nathan knows how to hit those high notes, as she details her disillusion with social media. Having already impressed with singles like ‘closed doors,’ nathan has shown her talent and we’ll be sure to have an eye on her music in the future.

Novi Tide-BEAU

Coming out of Oklahoma, Novi Tide sounds smooth and full of confidence on his debut album ‘BEAU.’ The album includes ‘Wishing Well‘ with its earworm delivery and moody trap beat and the party rap of ‘You Got It Too.’ Combining slick flows and pleasant production, this project has something for everyone.

Charlotte Plank-Lost Boys

Charlotte Plank had some success with her debut single, but is now back with ‘Lost Boys.’ Released on Black Butter Records the home of the likes of J Hus and Zara Larsson, this mixture of roaring guitars and Drum’N’Bass is great. Plank herself sounds great over the instrumental, making something that feels inspired, yet also in her own lane.


These Canadian/French sisters know how to capture your attention, despite only releasing their first song at the start of 2022. ‘Beautiful Flowers Fade Away‘ is an atmospheric ballad, that highlights the duo’s vocal chemistry. Other tracks like ‘Unbearable Silence‘ are more quaint and show the sincerity and passion in their delivery. BIANCHI knows how to sing and with voices as good as they are, surely will break through the noise.

VENNA-Sugar Venom

VENNA has already caught our attention with songs like the anthem that is ‘Melancholia.’ With this EP we can delve deeper into the artist behind the music, delving into themes of toxicity and its consequences. Alongside the previous singles, we have new music such as ‘V.‘ which highlights her angelic vocals and the themes of the EP as a whole. Now the project is complete, we can get the full picture of VENNA’s tale.

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