#IMDiscovers: The October Roundup (Part 2)

As the winter and cold seem to loom ahead, it’s time once again for some new music to keep you toasty. From indie-rock to R’n’B, there are plenty of new playlist options to keep you happy during the season of shorter days and longer nights.

Pip Millett-When Everything Is Better, I’ll Let You Know

Pip Millett’s debut album is here to show why she’s one of the U.K.’s best new talents. Her vocals are on point throughout this LP, whether on the R’n’B sound of ‘Ride With Me‘ or the jazz-influenced, soulful sounds of ‘All Good.’ This is such a smooth and quality-sounding record and if this is just the debut, fans will be eager to see Pip Millett at her full potential.


This mini-album/EP shows the variety of K-Pop star KIHYUN. The project brings everything from pop bangers like ‘STARDUST‘ to ballads like ‘Where Is This Love.’ The songs focus on his personal journey through the music scene over the last few years and coming six months after his solo debut, fans will be delighted.


With its atmospheric art-pop production and breathy vocals, this is a standout in the world of pop. It’s a very open track that focuses on the scars left by trauma and that things will get better. Tiiva is truly an interesting new voice, with such a varied sound pallet in this one track, people will be excited to see what they do next.

Xondra-Inner Child

Released as a teaser to the ‘Tedious & Brief‘ EP, this track is giving me some Alanis Morissette vibes with its mixture of acoustic and indie-rock. Her smoky vocals match the instrumental so well, showing her musical ability. Xondra has the voice and a message, skills that will help their fanbase grow into the future.

janïsa FT Nick Ferraro, Adria Kain and Tuku Matthews-dive in

This acoustic number shows off the soulful vocals of the lead artist, making for a chilled track. The sampling of diving into the water is a nice touch, and adds to the theme of diving into relationships and giving those closest to you, your trust. It was made during the pandemic and provides a lovely moment for the lead artist and some great music.

Emilia Tarrant-Slow Motion

This pop-rock anthem ticks all the boxes with great vocals, catchy lyricism, and a fun beat. Emilia’s vocals truly stand out and bring something different to the table with this tale of a relationship nearing its end. After a successful summer performing at festivals like Glastonbury, the only way is up for Emilia Tarrant.

Leena FT Kamen-Planet 333

With trippy R’n’B production and angelic vocals to die for, Leena has certainly made an impression on ‘Planet 333.’ The Bulgarian sensation has an EP in the works with U.K. producer Kamen which this song is from. This spacey-alternative R’n’B sound and the vocal delivery make Leena stand out and a name to watch out for in the future.


Something mellow and relaxing for those cold nights, ‘You‘ blends the worlds of indie and hip-hop. West opens up about romantic situations on this one, making him stand out from the average rapper. If you’re in the mood for something more chilled and emotional from an MC, then get ESS_WEST in your playlist.

Victoria Jane-Good & Low-Key

Future Bubblers has produced many young talents and Victoria Jane is one of the latest to show her abilities. She sounds great over this smooth production, showing why she is a rising star in the world of R’n’B. With her abilities as an artist and as a host on Radio 1, this multifaceted person is sure to get your attention.


Bringing back some summer energy is Manchester’s Roku145 & PRIDO on ‘NONSTOP.’ This vibey Afrobeats cut has silky vocals and is perfect for getting you on the dancefloor. In this time of coldness and bitterness, people are needing something to put a smile on their faces, and ‘NONSTOP‘ should do just that.

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