#IMDiscovers: The September Roundup (Part 1)

It’s a new month and that means new music. Here at IndustryMe, we’re rounding up some of the best tracks and projects you need to point your ears towards and get stuck into, from the last few weeks.

Kwaku Asante-Thinking of You

As someone picked out for success in 2022, Kwaku Asante has made waves with ‘Rhodes‘ and now ‘Thinking of You.’ Both singles are from his upcoming EP ‘Wanderlust,’ with his latest single showing his soulful vocals over a whimsical beat. The chilled delivery and heartfelt lyrics are sure to capture the eye of new fans in 2022.

Kenah-Uncover (EP)

Kenah stands out with her tuneful melodies and effortless rapping flows. Sounding so smooth over the chilled production, the ‘Uncover‘ EP is a treat for the ears. Featuring a collaboration with fellow rising star AMARIA BB and the danceable ‘Foreigner,’ it’ll cheer you up after those post-summer blues.

Bianca Brownies FT Charles Bukowski-A hole in my heart

With her whispering, eerie vocals, and the very minimalist production, Bianca Brownies certainly has a distinctive sound. The topic of unrequited love is certainly a relatable one, but this take on it brings a unique perspective and highlights why this artist is one to watch.


Isabel LaRosa is already becoming well established in the electro-pop scene and tracks like ‘HEARTBEAT‘ will only further that rise. The roaring guitars and heavy drums give this track power, while LaRosa’s vocals give this song the extra oomph it needs. She may be only 17, but Isabel LaRosa is already someone with plenty of great material.

Theo Tams-Kick Back

The groovy and funky sound of ‘Kick Back‘ is just what you need to get you in the mood after a week of rain. Theo Tams works in tandem with the instrumental, discussing the early stages of a relationship and figuring one another out. It’s an absolute vibe and one that’s gonna pop off at parties!

Savannah Ré-Closure

Savannah Ré is already someone who’s made plenty of good music in 2022, with ‘Closure‘ yet another top-class single from the two-time Juno award winner. With influences from dancehall and soca, it was released just in time for Carnival a few weeks ago. The versatility shown on her latest material so far will have people excited for her ‘No Weapons‘ EP, out soon.

Maryon King-Boys Will Be Boys

Returning in 2022 with a new name, Maryon King is calling out the boys who’ve used her on ‘Boys Will Be Boys.’ The dance-pop beat and catchy chorus are an earworm, so it’s no surprise the track has gained attention on TikTok. With her debut EP on the way, this could be a taste of what’s to come in 2022.

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