#IMDiscovers: The Valentines/Galentines Edition

It’s that time of year again when couples come together or single friends celebrate their friendships. Celebrating those relationships is complimented well by good music, and there is plenty of that here. So get ready for some of the latest love songs to add to your playlist for Valentine’s Day, whatever your plans are.

Ria Barkr-morning would

Getting straight to the point in its title, the latest track from Ria Barkr will certainly be fitting on Valentines. The melodic trap beat and sensual lyrics are very fitting for the vibe of the track, indicating the intimacy between these two. The song documents a couple who don’t have much time together so will be relatable to many a partnership. This track will go off whatever the occasion, but on February 14 it will suit closing the day out.

Abra Cadabra-For You

Back again with another Valentines’ EP, Abra Cadabra shows that rappers can bring intimate vibes. ‘For You‘ opens his new EP, with him singing his love and feelings for a person. While there are other tracks on the project, this feels the most suitable for the day and proves that Abra Cadabra is a multi-faceted talent whether on Drill or love songs.

Aaron Taylor-Coffee in the Morning

Everyone loves a good ballad, which is delivered courtesy of Aaron Taylor. ‘Coffee in the Morning‘ is a sweet homage to how you feel about a partner or someone you have your eye on. His smooth vocals over the guitar-driven instrumental, are perfect for this type of song and will fit well on the day. Whether you want to show your partner how much your love them or tell someone how you really feel, this could be the track for that occassion.

Haviah Mighty-Room Service

Certainly, a vibe for later in the evening, this smooth bit of afro-fusion from Haviah Mighty fits the occasion. This JUNO award winner knows how to bring the sultry atmosphere, with sleek vocals and lyrics about the excitement of finding new love. This track is a perfect fit for new couples and will be in your playlist long after the 14th of February.

Tayc-Room 69

Taken from the project of the same name, ‘Room 69‘ fits the smooth-R’n’B sounds you would expect on Valentines. With his mellow autotuned vocals fitting the slow feel of the instrumental, it’s certainly one to close proceedings on your romantic day. After all, French is seen as the language of love, so you would be amiss to not have this playing on your special day.

Sunkissed Child FT Otis Mensah-Love N Attention

Not everyone will be coupled up this year, and this track from Sunkissed Child is all about wanting to be desired. The track describes that special person you need in your life, complimented by top-notch vocals and wavey production. The Otis Mensah verse is pretty good too, and hey if you are on a night out or thinking about someone, maybe this is the song to inspire you to shoot your shot.

GROOVY FT B Jack$-jersey luv

Bringing something a bit more vibey if you’re on a night out with the one, the smooth melodies of GROOVY do their thing. The mixture of R’n’B and Jersey club fusion makes this fit well in the club and after the club. Featuring a pacey verse from B Jack$ it fits whatever mood you’ll be in. If you prefer your Valentines to be sultry rather than chilled, this is the track for you.

Shann Aberdeen-Transition

Bringing soulful vocals and a funky-spacey production to the table, Shann Aberdeen will fit straight into the Valentines’ playlist. The song documents a couple transitioning into the new life they are building together, perfectly fitting the theme of companionship. It’s a sweet and soulful track that fits whatever mood you are planning for on the day.

Georgia Mooney-War Romance

Something to fit nicely over a romantic meal, Georgia Mooney has got you covered. The track reminds couples that despite all the issues in the world, love remains and we must cling to it. The powerful vocals over this piano production work very well, fitting the themes nicely. Love isn’t just gifts and intimacy, it is about strength and happiness, which this track will remind people about.

BRE-Rather Be Alone

One that is definitely for those Galentine celebrations, BRE is here to remind you of your self-worth. The danceable beat and independent woman lyrics, show that you can celebrate the day without someone in your life. It’s a fun and empowering track that shows you don’t have to be glum, and can enjoy yourself with friends by your side.

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