#IMDiscovers: A Valentine’s Day Playlist For The Realists

This would usually be the part where a long-winded intro about how pairing up (or grouping up – whatever tickles your fancy) this month is a feeling like no other and that a human blanket is better than none but this year, we’re gonna explore a little self-less self-love. Whether you’re spending the day of love and dark history dancing in the nude or lubricating the larynx with any kind of muddy water – nervous at a dinner table – this here playlist is guaranteed to keep your frequencies vibrating on a higher level.

1. Siaira Shawn – Wait For It

With sultry textures over some Kill Bill inspired guitar riffs, Siaira Shawn preaches about the beauty of patience in ‘Wait For It’ – a light tease for the ever-moving in this modern-classic soulful jam.

Such vocal control should be illegal!

With highly-anticipated EP Tender on the way, she entices with the second single from her collection and while we wait, why not get the scented candles going?

2. St. Humain – Make A Move

This is the second track from the EP Emotional Sauna , Singaporean stunner St. Humain calls out for the change in pace between the still and the active, regardless of the outcome, in this fresh, elevated sound.

The millennial-style free-spirited music video is chock-full of infectious vibes and spunk! As per the man himself, “The goal of my music is to make your life better. If my songs don’t mean anything to you and cannot relate to you in any way then I find it sorta useless.“ and he may not have known this had he not made that move…



3. Night Lights – Nerve

Okay, so we all need at least that one person in life who’s there to check before the wreck, because as individuals, we’re quite a conceited people.

The indie-soul band has gained some insane traction over time acquiring accolades upon accolades and we’re quite excited to see what’s behind the curtain this year.

In the meantime, ‘just save your whispers on my neck’ as the beat goes on!

4. Maddie Jay – Little Love

Nothing like a little anguish to ruin the mood, right? WRONG! Maddie Jay’s melancholic, dream-pop share explains the process through which love is lost in somewhat of a kind and timid way.

This video is pretty special because it is written, produced and performed by the Canadian-born multi-talented singer!

Sometimes, we look back on the parts of ourselves that we once loved and lost without fear or pain.

This song does just that.

5. Sam Sun – Breathless


The harsher realities of love are more likely to be tougher pills to swallow than not. As explained by the artist, “it was hard knowing that you love someone so much, you give your all to see them smile, you’re there for them when they’re down and all, only to discover they don’t love you the way you love them…”

Acquiring closure in a healthy way is no easy feat, and yet, quoting this amazing song, “As bad as it’s for hearts to break, there’re lessons learnt and pains to gain.”

Breathless is what I believe to be the sarcophagus of a relationship unfulfilled.

[proceeds to add more bubble bath to the tub]

6. Days Away – Do Not Disturb

Me Time: a lost but not yet forgotten practice, enjoying the company of no other than thyself.

With heavy Jon Bellion vibes, American artist Days Away takes us through a bass-driven downtempo alley where inner peace looks like desert in a patisserie window.

Ode to those silent moments that aren’t awkward.

7. Nic Hanson & Elijah Fox – Cheaper Than Coffee

Having awoken and taken a walk to this song daily for the past week, it is the perfect piece that completes the Valentine’s Day puzzle. Taking a joyful and positive approach to the simple things in life is vital! Moving meaningfully and purposefully within economically driven societies can lead us to the best things in life – and the best things in life are said to be free or in this case, cheaper than coffee.

8. KVNG – FaceTime


The return of a KVNG.

Smooth as butter, cold as ice, I’ve got similes to describe this sensual R&B number for days. The mid tempo song is bound to set the mood with the optimum balance of provocative and playful showcased in its lyrical arrangement.

What I appreciated here were all the subtle little riffs accenting the production.

A sure fire way to get things sizzling as you get ready for date night.

9. Ada B – Already Know

Dancing on an air of soul, Ada B returns to give us those old school feels.

Her brand new single ‘Already Know’ showcases Ada’s rich vocals, which were definitely giving me Jasmine Sullivan vibes.

Taking listeners on a journey as she expresses her frustrations over her loves lack of communication ‘Already  Know’ is a contemporary take on modern day situationships

The song explores relatable themes over refreshing R&B production.

10. Kea x BINA – Diamonds & Pearls

This R&B infused Neo soul track is indisputably seductive.

Trading in fast cars for memorable moments the song speaks of wanting more than riches with the singer calling for her lover to offer something of substance.

Captivated by BINA’s distinctive vocal tone, this song is both soothing and alluring. Kea’s simple yet effective lyrical delivery brought the much needed Male dynamic to the song.

The use of a conversational song structure was also effective in emphasising the contrasting perspectives offered by both artists.

Who was on your Valentine’s Day Playlist? Comment below & let us know!

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