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#IMMusicMondays: 10 Questions with… Olivia Lunny

Olivia Lunny is a rising star in the alt-pop scene, who has slowly been building a name for herself. Having been making music since the age of 12, she broke through in 2018 and earned herself a nomination for Pop Artist of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards.

Her following releases and support from the likes of Billboard and Paper, have earned Olivia Lunny a record deal with Universal Music Canada and the award for Young Canadian Songwriter from the SOCAN Foundation. As 2022 comes to a close, we discuss her change in direction, how breaking out early has affected her personally, and the process of making a Christmas song.

Olivia Lunny

WONDERLAND’ takes things in a new direction sonically. What is going to be the defining factor in this new era of music for you?

I’ve always loved to play with production styles in my music. However, for me, the through line will
always be my vocal tonality and lyrical style! 

You got into music through your father’s guitar lessons. Did he encourage you in this direction or was this something you were interested in?

My dad would always have music playing in the household. He would also always causally pick up the guitar which inspired me tremendously. By the age of 12, I asked him to teach me a few chords on (the) guitar which led to me writing some of my very first songs! 

Has being recognised for your music from an early age forced you to mature quicker?

I definitely feel like it has. By the end of high school, I had to make a decision to dive into music and take that risk of uncertainty or go to post-secondary (education). Having the courage to take the road less travelled has taught me so much about myself and has forced me to be independent. I’m so grateful for the people in my life who pushed me to take that leap very early on! 

What is one concert you have seen that made you rethink how you perform live?

Seeing Post Malone was so inspiring for me. He’s so authentic and is a one-man show. Seeing him pick up the guitar mid-set and strip some songs down acoustically actually led me to do the same in my new set! 

The newest release ‘Under The Lights’ feels like an Olivia Lunny Christmas Song. Did you approach this differently from how you would make a song normally?

My collaborator AJ and I approached this like we would any other non-holiday song. The only difference is lyrically, we kept in mind holiday-themed words to create the cosy vibe of the song! 

Which artist would you like to collaborate with that would take your music in another direction?

I’ve been loving BLACKPINK lately! I’m so fascinated by K-Pop production and that would be an absolute dream collab! 

What is the album that has defined your 2022?

DAWN FMThe Weeknd. This album takes you on such a journey and is so easy to listen to. I’m not
surprised if this is my most-played album of the year!

Have any Canadian musicians given you advice on how to thrive in the music scene? 

My friend Tyler Shaw was super welcoming early on, and offered great advice to me. He’s so talented and his career longevity will continue to inspire in the Canadian scene! 

What are your musical goals going into 2023?

Live, live, live! I’m currently on tour with Tyler Shaw and it’s giving me the travel/tour bug! I’m super excited to keep sharing my music in a live setting!

What advice would you have for artists up and coming?

Stay persistent. Work on your craft. Play as many gigs as you can, as much as you can! Collaborate with
other artists, and stay consistent!

Olivia Lunny is on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok

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