Introducing… Scandi Sister Duo, HAVET, and their Debut Song ‘Child’

The entirely self-written and produced single Child, released on the 3rd June is brought to us by the emerging sound of indie duo, HAVET. Ahead of this highly anticipated debut release, the Swedish-German sisters who were formally known musically as Mimi & Josy, took to instagram to showcase their new rebrand as, HAVET.

Prior to this release, Mimi and Josy were best known for their time and success on The Voice Kids: Germany. In 2019 the pair were named winners of the season and have since been making a series of homemade Youtube videos performing covers and a number of originals. They later released their first single as Mimi & Josy called What Are We Afraid Of in 2020.

Now in 2022 we see this new era for the sisters as a representation of their growth and maturing. This comes as their artistry expands the confines of their Youtube bedroom setup. Now at the ages of 18 (Mimi) and 16 (Josy), whilst still young they’re establishing their unique sound and image and this reinvention as HAVET is a reflection of that.


Child is playful, bold and contemporary in its edgy style, all while meeting the fundamental criteria of a catchy pop song today.

The track takes clear influence from the likes of fellow pop personality Billie Eilish. In earlier songs by Billie like my boy, you can hear similarities in their style and the punchy base lines both artists nicely employ. HAVET offers a unique scandi take on American pop with this track.

Both vocalists are strong in their own right and are individually distinctive on the track. As a debut project created solely by Mimi and Josy, it shows real promise going forward for HAVET in regard to their creative potential not only as songwriters and performers but also producers.

Child is an ode to your heritage. It’s about being proud of your past and your roots and trusting the future because of it.


The sisters speak of their resemblance to their mother, ‘I’m mother’s child, I know that because i’m wild’. They find comfort in this as its a sign of their strength and symbolises a connection to their roots. As the track is an ode to their heritage and younger selves it communicates this idea of them always carrying around their inner child with them. It’s a nice contrast in that whilst they’re honouring their past they’re also establishing a new beginning as HAVET.

Released in conjunction with the single, HAVET dropped an Official Video for Child, directed by Yannic P√∂pperling. The visuals show a collection of dancers moving freely in slow motion to the sound of the track. There is a great range of movement you feel through the screen, created by the flow of the dancers. This nicely links to this idea of ‘The Sea’ which HAVET now identify with, as the Swedish word ‘HAVET’ translates in English to The Sea.

Listen to the track on all streaming sites and watch the music video today!

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