Jade Novah

Jade Novah Touches the Sky in New Single ‘Butterfly’

American singer-songwriter Jade Novah shines on her first single of 2023 – ‘Butterfly‘.

Produced by Novah’s husband and music manager, Devin Johnson, ‘Butterfly‘ is a light and airy track with Novah laying down soft, flowing vocals. The lyrics describe the journey of finding happiness in yourself – letting go of past situations which made you feel unworthy of love. It’s about growing into the best version of yourself that you’re supposed to be.

Jade Novah
Jade Novah

“It’s a song about letting go of what no longer serves you. Whether that’s a relationship, an old friendship, debilitating thoughts, bad habits…”

Jade Novah

Butterfly‘ is Novah’s first single since her appearance on the Christmas single ‘Here (For Christmas)‘ with Kenyon Dixon. Novah also released her EP, ‘Moon in Pisces‘, last summer, which she toured with.

She has recently appeared as a vocalist on the game show – That’s My Jam.

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Stream “Butterfly” right here:

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