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James Goodwin continues to “Know You Well”, in his latest single release

As we head into summer with restrictions easing, this is a positive outcome for the music industry, allowing artists to fully explore themselves and broadcast upcoming singles. Hence 19-year-old newcomer James Goodwin from South Wales released his second single “Know You Well” on the 17th of April 2021.

James’ sound is very much indie-pop. Naturally, when listening to a young artist in the ‘breakout’ phase of their career the mind springs straight to comparisons. There is undeniably a certain rawness and emotion in the voice of Goodwin that is reminiscent of the likes of James Arthur. The type of delivery that instantly draws the listener into the narrative of the song. The Welshman’s first single “AWARE” is a powerful statement about mental health, the song describes defiance through an internal battle, a subject that has become increasingly popular in the pop music industry. AWARE provides a real genuine emotive opening into a seamlessly uplifting hook, a formula that historically has carried artists in a similar category very far in the industry.

“Know you well” has a subtle guitar and piano intertwining in the background creating such a beautiful soulful sound. The song explores how talented Goodwin’s sound is, and the strength of his vocals allows you to paint a picture of the message of the song. “Know you well” is a heartfelt track and follows a relationship that has reached a confusing stage. The song touches upon the stage where you doubt yourself as a person, which can be seen from the lyric “was it all in my head”. The song enables anyone who is in a struggling relationship to help realise that they are not the only one and not to feel isolated. It also touches upon how challenging having feelings for someone is and manage especially coming from being single and only thinking about yourself to juggling two sets of emotions can be daunting.

The lyrics in “Know you well” are very relatable to everyone and allows multiple questions to fly around from the chorus, the lyric “but didn’t I know you well, must’ve needed help” the questions that everyone turns to when they are in doubt. It provides a sense of assurance that relationships are a work in process, and you have to put your all in.

Listen to “Know You Well” by James Goodwin Now:

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