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Japanese Breakfast Previews New Song ‘Mega Circuit’ at Roundhouse Show

The indie pop band Japanese Breakfast previewed a new song at the Roundhouse on Tuesday the 27th of June. Claiming to go back from being happy and now being a ‘moody c**t’, Michelle Zauner previewed their new song ‘Mega Circuit’. Stylistically, it would appear she is returning to her debut, emotionally turbulent and somber musings rather than the untamed joy of ‘Jubilee‘. 

She also announced that they are working on a new album, although it is a while off. This was also their first show in the UK for this tour. They were due to play The Other Stage at Glastonbury. However, like a British-based curse, their train was delayed and so couldn’t perform. They however were able to put on a truly epic show at the Roundhouse; which was opened by Indigo De Souza

Japanese Breakfast is on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Check out their third album ‘Jubilee‘ below:

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