KAMILLE Wants You to Know She Has ‘Options’ in Latest Single

Award-winning singer, songwriter, and record producer KAMILLE has released her brand new single – ‘Options’.

Camille Purcell, aka KAMILLE, is a former stockbroker who first got her big break as a songwriter in 2012. That year she co-wrote the song, ‘What About Us’ by The Saturdays featuring Sean Paul. She would later go on to write for JLS, Leona Lewis, and most notably Little Mix. She co-wrote several songs for the group including: ‘Black Magic’, ‘Love Me Like You’ and ‘Shout Out to My Ex’. Having frequently worked with the girls, she was described as an unofficial member by the group and the national press.

KAMILLE would later release her own music in 2017, releasing her debut EP – ‘1. my head’s a mess’. Since then, she has continued to expand her catalogue. This includes the popular tracks: ‘Kammy (like I do)’, ‘Emotional’ and most recently ‘Muscle Memory’ featuring Nile Rodgers.

Featuring Tamera and Bellah, the new single ‘Options’ is an up-tempo synth-pop record. Co-writing and producing the track, KAMILLE has crafted an empowering record about standing up for yourself in a relationship. With a catchy hook, she lets her man know if they can’t act right, she has options.

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Stream ‘Options‘ right here:

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