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Katie Kittermaster Is Introspective On Her New Single “The Problem”

Katie Kittermaster debuts her latest single “The Problem” and it is a little different. Having seemingly coined the term “I don’t write happy songs”, Katie follows through with a song about introspection. In “The Problem“, Katie Kittermaster talks about being emotionally unavailable in a new relationship while facing the trauma from an old one.

In the past couple of years, Katie Kittermaster (I can’t stop saying her name – it’s so cool) has opened for the likes of Olly Murs, Ronan Keating, and Jools Holland. She has also been on tour with Boyzlife and Lucy Spraggan, welcomed by curious crowds for showcasing her conversational songwriting ability. On August 24th, she released the official music video for her single ‘One of A Kind‘ – a more condensed pop-focused tune about letting go of love in your teens – which is currently sitting at almost 3500 views. To the one person who disliked the music video, who hurt you, mate?

Channelling her nervous energy when writing, Katie wrote “The Problem” while reflecting on how she has become a person who worries a lot over the course of the year. Feeling the responsibility to deliver when pressure is applied, the has thrived through the stress and is creating more music.

“Sonically, ‘The Problem’ is very upbeat. I think the song personifies who I am; I am perceived as lively, chatty, and bubbly but there is a lot more beneath the surface. On the first listen, that’s probably what ‘The Problem’ sounds like, but if you listen a bit deeper, you’ll realize there is more to this song”

Katie Kittermaster

Her upcoming projects are going to be exploring different types of relationships and expand sonically into floor-filling, widescreen pop. Let us know what you think of Katie Kittermaster’s new single in the comments section and don’t forget to follow us on @industrymeofficial on Instagram for more updates.

Listen to “The Problem” by Katie Kittermaster here:

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