King Krule

King Krule Gives an Insider Reflection on Lost Time with ‘Flimsier’

It’s a good day for many when King Krule (real name Archy Marshall), releases new music.  His new LP ‘Space Heavy‘, promises to delve into the deepest part of the subterranean sonic world that he has cultivated over his career. Meanwhile, ‘Flimsier‘ is the perfect lighthouse of which to guide us to this tale. 

Lonely guitars lead alongside Archy’s voice where he sings about losing time. The track opens with the line “She said it seems like these days merge as one”.  Here, he worries about losing time, with this mysterious voice his muse to bring things from him. The voice of King Krule is as sombre as ever, matching perfectly the vibe of late summers, cold beers, and a general disillusionment with time. The mild body horror in the lyrics alludes to something not being quite right. Further to this, the electric guitar wanders away from his lyrics and then returns in a great solo. 

Flimsier‘ and ‘Space Heavy‘ are available now, ahead of King Krule’s Tour of North America and Europe from July to November. He is on Instagram.

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