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Kings Elliot is Strikingly Sincere Live at Powerful London Show

Switzerland’s newest alt-pop talent, Kings Elliot, found the sweet spot between fragility and strength on Tuesday night at OMEARA, London as part of her ‘Bored Of The Circus‘ UK and Europe Tour.

2022 proved to be a whirlwind of a year for singer-songwriter Kings Elliot. She released her sophomore EP ‘Bored Of The Circus‘- a deeply earnest compilation of tracks. They collectively tell the story of her struggles with mental health. Through this and her online presence skyrocketing, she recently supported Imagine Dragons on their US tour. This promising new talent to emerge from Switzerland is now based in London. There, she is embarking on a journey to share the colours of her mind through her heartfelt artistry.

On came Kings Elliot to the OMEARA stage- exuding a quiet confidence. She immediately let her whimsical vocals do the talking. The setlist featured a mix of the very best she has to offer. It highlighted a selection of her older releases as well as material from her latest EP ‘Bored Of The Circus.’ This beautiful body of work acts as a deep exhale of emotion for the artist and its listeners. This was felt as her heart was poured out into each and every song.

Elliot declared to her captivated fans that she loves “sharing all my deepest darkest feelings with you guys through my songs.” This made it known that she uses music as an outlet for her innermost feelings and as a way to connect with the people who support her craft. What is funny is that she is known for creating and performing melancholic songs. However, it is the act of doing that which brings her the most happiness. She proceeded to sing ‘Cry, Baby, Cry,’ taken from her recent EP. She sang the track in a state of disbelief as she processed the warm response from the crowd.

The strong connection and engagement between the crowd and the performer were undeniable. Lyrically, Kings Elliot’s music comes from a very personal, vulnerable place. This makes it unsurprising that her music has created a bond between the artist and her supporters.

Someday, Somewhere

A tuneful depiction of a dream world, where all anxieties and pain are things of the past, and we are offered a sense of relief and hope for the future when peace is eventually found. This Judy Garland, ‘Over The Rainbow‘-esque sound brought a fantastical feel into the room. It injected it with a sense of childhood optimism. It was clear that to perform this to a room full of people felt like a release of everything pent up inside for Kings Elliot, as the crowd sang “someday, somewhere, I’ll be fine” back to her.

To close the show Elliot was joined on stage by a cellist and violinist to perform the final two songs. The accompaniment of the string duo radiantly brought the stage to life, with a theatrical, dynamic energy booming off their bows. The penultimate song on the night was Kings Elliot’s most recent endeavour, ‘Lost Again‘ which was the theme tune for the new game, The Callisto Protocol. On this track, the combined effect of the dramatic instrumentals, beaming stage lighting, and powerful vocals, undoubtedly made this the stand-out performance of the night. Sounding like something straight out of a Bond film, it had a captivating quality that perfectly rounded off the show on a high.

Bored Of The Circus‘ is out now via Verve Forecast. You can find Kings Elliot on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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