KT Laine

KT Laine Uses New Video as a Metaphor for Latest Single ‘Again’

KT Laine knows how to express herself in such a subtle way, showing her artistic creativity on ‘Again.’ The track focuses on them dealing with a partner being away and the mixed feelings of wanting this alone time, whilst needing someone there. The calming vocal delivery and twanging guitar are pleasing to the ear, making for an enjoyable listen.

The video directed by Sierra Nicholson is a great visual metaphor for the themes of the song. It sees Laine throwing a party so she doesn’t feel alone, yet feels isolated anyway. They get involved towards the end, but it’s a fun and well-produced companion piece to the song. KT Laine is very clever in her lyricism and choice of visuals, which is sure to garner an appreciative fanbase.

KT Laine is on Instagram and TikTok

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