KTJ & Carly Face the Reality of Life on New Single ‘Forever Young’

KTJ & CARLY are a duo that continues to shine with every new release. Their chemistry is evident in their music and a recent interview, with that trend continuing on ‘Forever Young‘. The track faces the grueling reality of ageing, whilst trying to maintain a young heart. Their emotion over the issues are shown in the vocal performance on the chorus. The beat comes in initially with a soft and somewhat whimsical electronic sound before transitioning into a harder-hitting and bassy instrumental.

This is their second single of 2024 and is another tease towards their debut full-length album. We can’t wait to hear that and see the full picture of where these sisters are at in this present time.

KTJ & CARLY are on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Stream the track below and read more music news here.

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