Laraw cuts deep with brand new single ‘Scissors’

Montreal-born pop sensation Laraw brings us a mixture of heavy and soft beats to her latest single ’Scissors.’ She continues to find new ways to express herself and music has helped her to do this over time. Laraw tries to be different with her music and looks to keep on experimenting with her sound to get across themes of culture, scenes, languages, and codes. Previous singles have caught the attention of tastemakers, radio stations, and magazines as well as attaining success on the charts.  Laraw shows a promising sign of growth and is set to achieve remarkable things in the near future.

She can speak and sing in French, English, and Arabic which helps to stand out from the rest and makes her music unique sounding, as sometimes it’s about the instrumental and the meaning behind the song, rather than understanding the words. Laraw developed her sound after years of studying music production and sound design. The goal was to rise against the current standards within the industry in order to create something authentic and honest without the need to be flawless.

Scissors’ is extremely catchy and infectious and it expresses emotions of anger and sadness as the track picks up the pace in the chorus, as we hear more noisy sharp rhythms compared to the gentle verses. Laraw uses personal experiences of heartbreak in this song and the use of honest vulnerable words can help to be relatable but also a cure for the broken heart, as getting it off your chest and doing some self-reflection can help you move on and realise you are better off without them.

Laraw – William Arcand

This single packs a punch with the many different flavours used, which helps make the song captivating and indulging. She uses Lebanese and Moroccan roots in her music to bring the heat and make it groovy, bringing the feel-good vibes to get people moving. The single has tonnes of passion as she sings from the heart on this track making the tune soulful and cheery. I enjoy the distorted rowdy sounds of the guitar on this song as it helps give the track a bit of edge. This song is quirky and funky even though it is a slow burner at the beginning, with the electric energy shining through nicely.

Scissors’ has a powerful message of romance and breakups that also drops an irresistible bop to capture a range of emotions, using icy melancholic harmonies and angsty dark beats to emphasise the meaning in the song. Laraw’s vocals on the track are beautiful and sweet sounding but are also deep and raw to portray feelings of hurt. Her voice is very infectious and I could listen to this artist for days.

Laraw explains that ‘Scissors’ is about the grief of having a loved one completely destroy you and how you know that they will bring you pain but you just let it happen. Going through a rough break-up can be hard especially when you truly love someone. Having experienced this in the past and lost sleep over it a few times; the storm will pass and you will feel happy again and understand there is someone out there better for you. Being brave and strong is tough because when the relationship ends you feel crushed and broken, but going out with friends and family and just enjoying life doing the things you love and remaining positive is the road to recovery for your mind, heart, and soul.

This song means such a lot to Laraw as it has helped her mark a new chapter in her life as well as growing and learning that the first person you should love is yourself.

Here at Industry Me we look forward to hearing more captivating music from Laraw in the near future.

Scissors’ is available to stream everywhere now.

Laraw is on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok

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