lem0n Mesmerises All with His Hypnotic Bedroom Acoustics (CONCERT REVIEW)

On Saturday 17th September, the Hertford Corn Exchange became home to emerging singer/songwriter, lem0n. He performed what can only be described as a display of his innermost captivating thoughts and ideas.

The artist behind the moniker, noah, has been making music since the age of 14, and has found it to be his greatest source of inspiration and creative outlet in life. He is part of the ever-growing Hertfordshire music scene, with artists like George Ezra and Declan McKenna paving the way for Herts musicians today. lem0n was recently acknowledged by BBC Music Introducing Beds, Herts, and Bucks, with his song ‘life continues after death (and i don’t like it)‘ and ‘taketaketake,’ from his debut EP ‘so many metaphors not enough sleep’ released in 2021. These tracks were among the material that were featured during the show.

Last weekend, lem0n put on a performance of pure brilliance, meticulously curating a setlist that honoured his artistry beautifully. Mixing original tracks alongside a series of covers, he produced a display of acoustic transcendence. For what was a simple, modest arrangement of vocals and guitar work, the sound and energy bouncing around the venue was deeply powerful. Through this, he hooked the attention of the crowd with each note. 


‘I am excited for my friends to have a good night! I put a lot of thought into my setlists and a big reason I only finalised this one at 2 am the morning of the gig is because I wanted to make it good for all people watching. But I think it will be, at least I hope!’


The works of lem0n have been inspired by several influential artists, in particular, singer/songwriters Ed Sheeran, Passenger, and Cavetown. What they all capture within their music is the perfect blend of powerful yet tender vocals, which lem0n executed on Saturday. Additionally, noah is heavily influenced by the culture and music of Korea, having recently spent 3 months living in South Korea. He covered ‘SEATTLE‘ by Korean-American artist, Sam Kim, where he fluently united Korean and English lyrics together.

Throughout the night a selection of cover songs were performed, such as; ‘She Will Be Loved,’ by Maroon 5 and ‘Glimpse of Us‘ by Joji. They were played very much in the style of lem0n, tunefully stripped back and acoustic. Along with this, a collection of unreleased music was played; ‘quick turn off the radio,’ the one that got away‘ and ‘heavy,’ accompanied by the ukulele. Each track featured emotive lyricism, displaying his deep personal connection to the music he makes.

lem0n’s most recent track ‘life continues after death (and i don’t like it)‘ was a standout from the set, in all its raw melodic melancholy. He performed with such sincerity and control in his vocals, that you found yourself clinging to each word sung. 

‘I will write and write for you. I promise, though my throat is sore, I’ll scream.’

lem0n-‘life continues after death (and i don’t like it)’

noah and his father who is a multitalented producer, composer, and songwriter, performed two songs together at the end of lem0n’s set- an original titled, ‘Something I’m Missing‘ and ‘Everlong‘ by Foo Fighters. They played in perfect unison and merged their alternative styles together seamlessly. It was clear they have a musical connection that runs deep in the family.

lem0n displays such blinding promise and love for his art when performing live, and demands your attention as an up-and-coming artist today.

You can keep up to date with lem0n on Instagram for future performances and new material said to come very soon.

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