katie kittermaster lukewarm lover

Katie Kittermaster Returns With “Lukewarm Lover”

The last two years have been a whirlwind of activity for Katie Kittermaster. 

After touring with the likes of Lucy Spraggan, the singer has made several appearances as a supporting artist for Soul II Soul, Kaiser Chiefs as well as Olly Murs and Rick Astely. Signing with Revanche Records in June 2020, her breakthrough year was well on its way. Unfortunately, covid decided to rear its ugly head, and plans were put on hold. Not one to wait around, the singer occupied herself with recording new material and honing her lyrical style.

Previous singles, One Of A Kind and The Problem have both received positive reviews for its compelling lyrics and catchy melodies. New release – “Lukewarm Lover” is no exception. The song explores the complex issue of leaving a relationship that has clearly reached its expiry date. 

Katie Kittermaster lukewarm lover

“I guess it’s maybe the harsher, more confident, ‘big sister’ song to One Of A Kind.” – Katie Kittermaster

One thing that I have grown to really admire about Katie, is her knack for paring melancholic narratives with ‘cheerful’ productions. The juxtaposition of the two gives the listener an unsettled feeling that is closely similar to what one will feel when trying to blissfully ignore a glaring issue. The spark has clearly fizzled out for both parties, yet they continue to go through the motions and don’t know how to bring the relationship to its natural conclusion.

Lukewarm Lover is a cleverly crafted pop song and I look forward to hearing future releases from the singer.

Listen To “Lukewarm Lover” by Katie Kittermaster here:

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