‘Madly’ Highlights the Songwriting Talent of New Star Mimoza

Melancholic pop star Mimoza, brings upbeat yet soulful tempos to her brand new single ‘Madly.’ This Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has had multiple successes since emerging onto the scene. She has spent years writing songs for other artists and now it is her time to shine, as she continues experimenting with different genres to make her music modern and unique.

Mimoza – Twitter

She has received positive press coverage on her music and won an award at 2021’s ASCAP Pop Music Awards. Mimoza’s single ‘Young Queen’ (released in 2021), helped increase her audience with over 4 million streams on Spotify.

She also co-wrote Ava Max’sKings & Queens,’ which went platinum in 13 different countries. Since the age of just 17, Mimoza has proven there is talent there.

Single artwork – Spotify

Madly‘ beams with positivity and funky rhythms, as the single is joyful, sweet, and lively, helping to elevate people’s spirits as we embrace the bitter weather with a smile.

Mimoza’s vocals are stunning, with notes of rich-smooth harmonies mixed with high energy and good times are what make this song remarkable. ‘Madly‘ also helps showcases her delightful soft vocal range that will make your spine tingle.

The new track is an infectious but intimate self-love anthem, while the groovy, yet chilled melodies are sure to get people’s heads bopping. We also hear a hint of sass, which helps Mimoza’s personality shine through nicely.

Madly’ is an empowering song that speaks of self-love, romance and heartbreak. It uses honest words to spark raw emotions and passion through her personal experience of love.

Single promo – Instagram

Having respect for yourself and knowing your worth is important when entering a relationship, as it can prevent unnecessary pain. Learning to love yourself before someone else is key because feelings of insecurity and jealousy could cause something good to end.

Madly’ is also about loving someone so bad it hurts and how you want them to feel the same back. The feeling of letting someone go because they mistreated you or made you feel invisible is horrible. But, it takes strength to walk away and realise that you deserve so much better. The feeling of happiness will find you again in time through either yourself or someone new.

IndustryMe looks forward to hearing more catchy and powerful music from Mimoza.

Madly’ is available to stream everywhere now.

Mimoza is on Instagram and Twitter

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