Mariam Davina Shines at New EP Launch Party (Concert Review)

If you don’t know who Mariam Davina is then get to know her quickly! She was a finalist on the Voice UK in 2021 and is an upcoming artist coming to a stage near you! With her debut EP ‘REINTRODUCTION‘ out soon, we were kindly invited to the listening party.

Mariam held her first EP release party at the Notting Hill Arts Club, and what a show it was. As you can tell, I was left pretty impressed with what I heard that night. A lovely location, it was easily located not far from the station. Inside, you were greeted by the singer’s lovely poster, letting us know what we were here for. 

On your left, we had the bar, where we would order our drinks, then on your right, towards the stage, we gathered to watch the star herself. Furthermore, near the bar, there was a donation section, to donate to her and check the EP out. If you like R&B, then she is one artist you should check out.

Her voice is unique and full of life. If you were by the bar, I’m sure you would turn your head to see who held such a beautiful voice. There was a crowd favourite called ‘Reintroduce Myself‘, and I feel everyone can relate to this one. It focuses on reintroducing the better version of yourself, the one who would take risks and make better decisions.

Her family all gathered together listening and congratulating Mariam, which was deserved as she worked hard to put this all together. It will definitely pay off once the EP is out, as everyone will hear what she’s been working on. I really can’t wait to see what 2024 holds for her. 

Mariam Davina is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Stream her music below and read more concert reviews here.

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