Masego Highlights Multifaceted Artistry on New Album Teaser ‘Two Sides’

With an artist like Masego, the question that always comes up is, what can’t this man do? This Grammy-nominated singer, producer, saxophonist, and guitarist is gearing up for the release of his second album ‘Masego,’ with the second single, ‘Two Sides.’ It’s a neo-soul twin-faced love song that highlights his Gemini nature. In two sides, fighter and lover, his voice washes over with easy confidence over a really forceful bass and a slow, classy drum beat.

Two Sides‘ take the phrase ‘boyfriend in the streets, freak in the sheets’ like a mantra, asking its listener ‘who do you wanna see tonight.’ The duality he presents is less that of a Jekyll and Hyde, and more Arnie from True Lies. ‘But I’m a good guy every other night’ he sings. Those coquettish lines are devious and tricksy, as he becomes a lover that doesn’t fit into one type, and the answer to who you want to see tonight is this romantic R’n’B singer. 

He expands on duality and roles with a soft female backing to the laidback production and a nodding drum beat. The synths that open up the track have an air of caution to them. The production by Albert Hype, BassCharity, and Cedric Mitchell is ingenious if a little short. Masego’s voice is cheeky but broad, his performance exuding confidence that holds the single together. Also, that female vocal track that mirrors his own is sensual, turning the track into a profoundly sensual dance. This smooth R’n’B single shows great hope for his upcoming album, as Masego is absolutely confident in his sound. 

‘Masego’ his self-titled album comes out on March 3rd.

Masego is on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok

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