Maurice Fonson is Making Bad Decisons On His New EP

Striding into the limelight for the first time can often be a daunting prospect, but for Maurice Fonson it seems as though he was destined for recognition as an all-rounded artist in the pop/ R&B genre.

Already accumulating an impressive selection of work, a Grammy nominee, and having worked with various R&B legends such as Jennifer Hudson, Leona Lewis, Luke James, and Fantasia.

“When I was writing songs for them, I felt like I was telling my story,” said Maurice in a chuckle. “I’m ready to tell it through my voice.”

Born and raised in Chicago, in an all-female household, his childhood was interweaved with music, drawing his inspiration from the likes of Usher, Janet Jackson, and Bobby Brown. His latest singleBad Decisions, released in coordination with his latest project, The Ex-Files, is a chart DJ’s dream.

This is Fonson’s second EP release to date, with the Ex-Files released on Jan 15, 2021.

Maurice Fonson

In particular, while listening to the track, it seems the perfect scenario would be to blast it through earphones while finishing an intense set at the gym. It is a feel-good, do-good song… depending on the bad decision Fonson inclined you to grasp.

His harmonies are supple, serene, and warm, over a soft dance-influenced production, comparable to the makings of Charlie Puth and The Weeknd, delivering probably the best message we can have during times like this, no regrets, making bad decisions that do not matter until tomorrow.

While the song and project are a fantastic body of work, we hope that in the future, Fonson continues to break through as a musician, confidently challenging himself vocally and instrumentally.

The sample and its message are safe, but it is an exciting prospect when an already acclaimed songwriter begins to build themselves as an all-around artist, it is deserved, and we are excited to see where Maurice Fonson is heading.

Listen to The Ex-Files by Maurice Fonson on all streaming platforms now:

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