ajia miracle

Ajia joins forces with Shallise For “Miracle”

London singer-songwriter Ajia is back with a smooth single entitled “Miracle”, featuring fellow London singer Shallise. Ajia is not a newcomer to the music scene, and her talent is cemented in a sound that is so unique and gripping at the same time. Her latest single is about being in a relationship and loving the idea of love but being unable to commit. She is an artist with a captivating song that is sure to captivate her audiences once they hear her latest single.

The song starts off with a gentle guitar with distorted harmonies before we are introduced to Ajia’s soothing and delicate voice, singing “I didn’t mean to say I didn’t care, I just struggle to show you I’m here”.

ajia miracle

The harmonies are reduced and the addition of a beat that does not overpower her voice brings the listener’s full attention to her lyrics. Here, we hear Ajia’s vulnerability as her soulful voice gives off classic R&B vibes. Her vocal ability shines through on the chorus, and forms as an excellent transition into Shallise’s verse. Like Ajia, her voice also has a soulful ring to it and it rises about the beat to create a feeling of serenity. 

The pair have created an amazing R&B track, and their talent is unmistakable. Ajia’s voice is warm with a soothing effect to it that has an old school feeling to it. This impressive track stands well amongst her ever-growing catalogue of songs that she has been releasing over the past years and the addition of ‘”Miracle” solidifies her talent.

From the production to the harmonies, each element of this track blends together so well; it is truly a well-rounded track that exemplifies what true R&B is. This is a song that will bring more fans to Ajia’s sound and show why she is a rising star in the R&B industry.

Listen To “Miracle” Here:

Words By: Nat Siaw-Agyeman

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