IndustryMe Meets Upcoming Sensation, noelle

A musical expression like noelle’s only comes around so often, her harmonies and sweet vocals warmly fill the surround sound curated, whether you listen through earphones, in your car, or on a speaker the trailblazing young musician is an artist that excels in her work.

There is so much to praise when looking at a career path like noelle’s, having signed to Wax Records and Universal Canada once she graduated from High School in 2017, honing a sound that is a graceful blend of Jazz, R&B, and pop influences. 

Raised on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Ontario, Canada, noelle has been singing before she could even walk, “Growing up, I was surrounded by so much music that pursuing a career in the music industry felt so natural. My family has been so supportive, and my parents always encouraged me to follow my dreams.” And she has done just that, even through a pandemic, where for noelle, it seems as growth was the only option, saying that she has “been doing really well, keeping busy with zoom sessions and prepping for my upcoming releases. So excited for you to hear everything that I’ve been working on!”

Her upbringing exposed her to the heights of music, up-ending the characteristics behind every one of her influences, a standard procedure for the soulful singer who gained a huge amount of recognition through her Youtube channel, covering timeless tracks and amassing 94.2k subscribers. Her musical catalogue and inspiration are, a mirroring depiction of the trajectory of her career, this is just the start, Noelle adds, “I am super proud of the place I’m in today, but it’s only the beginning. Being an artist takes a ton of hard work and patience. I can’t wait to learn more and grow as an individual.”

Once you are exposed to the sparkling yet sweet vocals she encapsulates, her young age will come as a surprise but she understands the music she wants to create. Making music with only a few purposes; reflects her personality and grasps the robust emotions that the world is going through. She works around this with beautifully put together, soft riffs and runs, saying that this was the kind of music she has always wanted to create.

“I’ve always loved singing sad ballads. When I started writing songs in my early teens, they were all sad. I’m just now starting to write some happier songs, but I truly love sad ballads. Even when I did YouTube covers when I was 8, I picked the rawest and emotional ones.”

She began songwriting through the very well know of high school highs and lows, which quickly became her outlet. Saying to industry Me that all her songs are like her babies, and once complete she can feel a sense of closure relating to the subject of the track. She continues, “I started writing songs in my early teens when I experienced my first heartbreak. The writing process has always been very therapeutic for me. I love being able to get all of my feelings out into a song.”

This is where and how the best of music is curated, timeless emotions that are also a form of healing for the creator. Her single Therapy is a tribute to these attributes and also marks the first release to noelle’s upcoming debut album, set for release in early 2022! “I wanted Therapy to be the leading track because of how raw it is. This song is so authentic to the music that I truly love creating and performing. It shows people what they can expect in my upcoming releases.” The dreamy yet subtly sad single was co-written by Noelle, David Charles Fischer, and Phil Cook during multiple Zoom sessions.

However, like many of us, Noelle did not mind as she was in her favourite writing spot, her bedroom. “The experience of writing “Therapy” was amazing. DCF has always been one of my favourite writers, but I had never worked with Phil Cook before, and we all clicked so well. The way the song came together so easily, felt magical. I absolutely love zoom writing sessions, which is surprising because I thought they would be extremely difficult. It’s so cool being able to collaborate with people from all over the world.” Although, naturally she is not able to always conduct her own therapy and turns to artists like Lewis Capaldi, Dan + Shay, or xxxtentacion, to name a few.

Many musicians say that the end of a project usually marks the end of a personal chapter, but she affirms that this is only the beginning. “I would say that this is just the start of this chapter in my life. I want to continue writing songs that are very authentic to me. I can’t wait to see where that takes me.” noelle’s future is undoubtedly an exciting one that we are all grateful to watch come to life, many exciting prospects including her first collaboration, her dream team being with the likes of Justin Bieber to Bruno Mars.

And what is 2022 going to look like with a debut album at the start of the year? Noelle says she is going to “continue releasing, writing, and hopefully start performing live shows soon. I have SO many songs ready to share with the world and I’m itching to get them all out.” And we can’t wait.

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