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Nuela Charles Releases Beautiful Single, Awakening

Nuela Charles is an r&b/soul singer who has established herself as such an incredible artist with her captivating vocals and lyrical meaning. The singer-songwriter has displayed such a compelling stage presence, as well as positioned herself as a Canadian music staple based out of Edmonton.

Being born in Kenya, raised in Switzerland, Bahamas and Canada; she was well and truly able to distinguish and create dynamics and musically incorporating all her multicultural background, which showcases raw, diversity and power to the words and to the composition of her sound. “Awakening” is an inspirational, exhilarating track that uses the power of its complex beat to draw your attention to Charles’ expressive vocals, which reinforce the track’s message of women’s self-empowerment and self-belief.

‘Nothing stronger than a woman,’ such a powerful poetic statement with so many historical meanings, as well as in today’s society, where woman identity, independence, and resilience are such a fundamental understanding and appreciation that will continue to live on for time and time again.

This track is a phenomenal recommendation for someone who feels they need to be encouraged within themselves, to focus on what’s important, and to appreciate their own worth. Nuela Charles has most definitely positioned herself in the industry, where her music will fly off the charts due to its meaningful and unique flare she brings. In this era it’s all about individuality, charisma and reaching a certain levelled journey to her music as even just as an artist. A riveting track with a melodic rhythm that will certainly draw many viewers. It’s a song that encapsulates today’s music: defining sound while also presenting a certain level of artist presence.

Nuela is having a long-term impact on the music scene, and she brings both admiration, genuineness and hard work to the platform.

Check out Nuela’s new single ‘Awakening’ on all available platforms; it comes highly recommended, and you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the song.

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