‘Oh No :: He Said What?’: A Closer Look at Nothing But Thieves’ Latest Release

Nothing But Thieves expands the universe of their album ‘Dead Club City‘ with the release of ‘Oh No :: He Said What?‘, alongside the announcement of a deluxe version of the album. The song, released on January 29th, has already surpassed the 2 million streaming mark on Spotify. Maintaining the original hard-synths and 80s production style from the rest of the album, the song has you bopping and moving throughout, especially when the guitar arrives in the bridge. The balance between the rock and dance elements is achieved subtly yet effectively, maintaining the band’s signature rock sound within the dance-centric age they’ve been exploring with their latest record.

Nothing But Thieves is a British rock band from Southend-on-Sea, formed in 2012. They have released four studio albums, with ‘Dead Club City‘ the most recent. While acquiring critical and public acclaim for tracks such as ‘Amsterdam‘ and ‘Sorry‘, the newest LP marks a change in their sound, as they explore new avenues of songwriting and production.

Released on June 30th, 2023, ‘Dead Club City‘ is a dynamic album that combines various production styles, giving it a distinct feel. The release of ‘Oh No :: He Said What?‘ anticipates potentially great additions to this already successful project. The track’s retro yet modern vibe offers an interesting approach, evoking both futuristic and nostalgic feelings, akin to watching an 80s film set in the future. The guitar solo at the end of the track exudes a distinct old-school rock feel, almost transporting listeners back to an era of elaborate makeup and vibrant outfits. It feels as though glam rock and gritty rock converge alongside Conor Mason’s driving vocals.

Nothing But Thieves is on InstagramX, and TikTok. Find more song reviews here and stream the song below.

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