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Pale Waves return with their latest album ‘Unwanted’

Rebel rock group Pale Waves bring us punchy rhythms and dramatic beats in their brand new record ‘Unwanted.’ The Manchester-based indie rock group formed in 2014 and signed a record deal with Dirty Hit in 2017. Since then, they have had 2 remarkably successful albums and 1 EP: ‘All The Things I Never Said‘ (2018), ‘My Mind Makes Noises‘ (2018) and ‘Who Am I?‘ (2021).

Pale Waves continue to experiment with different sounds to perfect the music and to find their identity as a band. They have gained a name for themselves within the Rock scene with positive responses from both press and listeners on their funky electric sounds. This was proven by winning NME’s Under The Radar award in 2018 and Q’s Best Breakthrough Act (2019).

The songs on the album are incredibly infectious, catchy, and edgy. The music Pale Waves create is groovy and wild, which will make us want to jump around and have a boogie with our mates in the mosh pit.

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Even though the tracks on the album are heavy and dull, they have some melancholy and softness to them to emphasise feelings of misery and pain. The project also contains hope and optimism, that better days are coming after the storm has ended.

The vocals on the tracks are smooth and sharp with hints of sweet melodies. The tones are a mixture of rustic and soulful giving off rock chick vibes. The groovy yet dark melodies and accelerating satisfying hooks identify feelings of despair, gloom, and vexation as well as make the music sound magnificent.

Pale Waves hit hard as they pour their heart out in their music, using personal experiences of love and heartbreak to make the music deep and raw, as well as being relatable to listeners who experience similar situations.

The album is all about feeling unwanted, confused, and alone as people continue to come and go in life and will continue to leave behind scars and make you feel like you’re not good enough. Healing and self-love are the next chapters, because once you know your worth then it is easy to feel better.

The opening track ‘Lies’ is enjoyable as it’s mysterious, deep, and catchy, containing funky-energetic rhythms and noisy beats. The words of lies catching up with you and having your heart ripped out by someone you love, emphasise feelings of betrayal and distress. Being lied to is a horrible thing to go through as you put your trust and faith in someone to love you and be honest.

A track that sounded beautiful and elegant was ‘Without You.’ The song is intimate and cuts in deep as the slowness and softness throughout, captures the feelings of emptiness and distraught, as the words speak of having to let go and live without that person. The harmonies are pure, simple, and sweet, creating a sense of innocence within the track as the room falls silent and nothing but a pin drop can be heard as we take in the sorrow of losing a lover.

Pale Waves have created a masterpiece here as we continue to make contact with our emotions and learn valuable lessons from the project. This is a fantastic album and listeners will see it is one of their best albums by far and we are excited for more music from the band in the near future.

‘Unwanted‘ is available to stream everywhere now.

Pale Waves is on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok

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