Peggy Gou

Peggy Gou Provides Creative Visuals on New Single ‘Lobster Telephone’

Peggy Gou is one of the hottest names in the dance scene right now, making rave anthems and seasonal bangers. Last year saw her produce one of the summer’s biggest hits in ‘(It Goes Like) Nanana‘. She’s looking to make it two years in a row on her latest single, ‘Lobster Telephone‘.

Released back in May, it comes from her debut album, ‘I Hear You‘, which has received plenty of love and reached the U.K. Top 40. This track was a perfect choice for a single with its mesmerising tech-house beat. The lyrics refer to being all the same, which matches the vibe of the video. It initially portrays Gou as this worshiped and adored messiah-like figure, but who is also a present part of the group.

Alice Kunisue, who directs the video, must be praised for the usage of effects like slow-mo and CGI. The choreography also fits in the portrayal of our lead’s character, as well as matching the feeling you get from the music.

Peggy Gou continues to have her ear on what clubbers and festivalgoers want to hear, and she is sure to shut down Glastonbury. If you want something entertaining to match your danceable mood, then these are the visuals for you.

Peggy Gou is on Instagram and TikTok. Watch the video below and read more news pieces here.

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