Rachel Chinouriri Teases Debut Album with New Single ‘Never Need Me’

Rachel Chinouriri proves there’s no better way to get over someone than birthday cake, having Florence Pugh as your best friend, and a catchy empowering tune in ‘Never Need Me’.

The South London-based singer released her newest single, accompanied by the bold music video ‘Never Need Me’ just yesterday on January 18th. The fast-track beats behind her fierce vocals makes it impossible to not want to dance around your room screaming this song with your best friends. As well, she is showcasing her talent through her ability to call the shots while using her dreamlike voice to her advantage. Not only is it an upbeat take on the part of a breakup when you regain your power back, the commanding lyrics tell the story of letting go of someone who is pulling you down and realising all you can do is wish them the best.

As a result, the accompanying music video, directed by Jake Erland, couldn’t demonstrate this relatable tale better if it tried. From late-night phone calls to having your friends force you out of the house, Rachel has used all her past experiences to write a song that encourages people to know their worth. This is on top of the plus side of getting her own back.

In light of this brand-new single, the NME cover girl has announced her debut album ‘What a devastating turn of events’ will be available from May 3rd via Parlophone. ‘Never Need Me’ is the second single from the upcoming record following ‘The Hills’. Clearly with a song as catchy as this we can only assume more of Rachel’s talents will be given time to shine, describing the writing process as “a journey to find home”. We can’t wait to hear what that means to her.

You can find Rachel Chinouriri on Instagram, X, and TikTok. You can find more articles like this here and watch the video below.

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