Refreshing Rapper Sainté Flexes ‘Tea Over Henny’ in New Single

Leicester rapper Sainté is the city’s self-proclaimed ‘wild card’. A breath of fresh air for UK rap, he fuses bravado, bars, and boss energy into conscious lyrics and emotionally charged artsy releases. Several projects in, he continues to evolve his sound. In preparation for his ‘Still Local‘ mixtape release in March, ‘Tea Over Henny‘ is a perfect display of his artistic identity for new listeners.

Sainté straddles inflated ego and introspection beautifully on a perfectly polished beat. He rejects fake love, swerving around common pitfalls a newly successful rapper can fall into. He’s staying true to himself, and using this song as a springboard to differentiate himself from his peers. Not many rappers could proudly wave the flag for tea instead of cognac and still get respect, however the Leicester MC delivers these messages with a supremely addictive style.

He has received a recent outpouring of love for his individuality and song-making skills. He has collaborated with Miraa May and also flexed his own COLORS performance. Furthermore, he has got the American nod of approval from mega-producer Kenny Beats whom he has toured with. A former semi-pro basketball player turned musician, Sainté prepares for a slam dunk with this new chapter. This single represents a playful, raw, and self-assured artist, who is ready to take the industry by storm.

Sainté is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Read more news pieces here and watch the video below.

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