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Review: Cat Burns Delivers On New EP ’emotionally unavailable’

The last year has been a big one for R’n’B/Soul singer Cat Burns, with the viral success of ‘go’ leading to a chart peak of number 3 and an Instagram following of almost 200k. Now, the Streatham singer and former Brit School student is capitalising on that success with a brand new EP.

emotionally unavailable’ sees a collection of 6 songs that describe the personal issues and events that Cat Burns has experienced in her life and I am sure fans will be clamouring to hear these songs live at her headline show at KOKO on the 4th of October 2022.

The sound of this project is very acoustic and bare bones, which fits the tone of the record. There’s a variety of producers on display from George Moore (Yebba, Nao) who uses kick drums and piano alongside the acoustic guitar to set the atmosphere on ‘learnt to love goodbyes’, to the up-tempo guitar strumming you might catch on an open mic night from Mojam (Naughty Boy, Anne-Marie) on ‘anxiety.’

We start proceedings with ‘go’ which shows off Cat Burns’ distinctive vocals, as she details being cheated on and telling her partner to pack his things. Her delivery displays well the emotions this event caused her and the soulful notes on the chorus highlight why this was a hit.

We’ve already touched on the production on ‘learnt to love goodbyes,’ but the more melancholic delivery fits well and lines like “People coming and going but they never stay, there’s always a reason the cab’s five minutes away,” simply put across the message of the anguish she feels over never maintaining a relationship for long.

anxiety’ is another great personal moment, with Cat Burns using her anxiety as a metaphor for abusive partners and going somewhere without them, as the 808 kick drums match the more energetic vocal delivery. Also keeping similar energy is ‘ghosting’ that touches on the relatable theme of making sure you’re better before you meet up with friends.

A personal favourite of the new material is ‘we’re not kids anymore,’ as Cat Burns reminisces on losing touch with a close childhood friend, which touched me due to its relatable themes and the simple, yet sincere lyrics. ‘emotionally unavailable’ concludes proceedings with similar themes and an upbeat acoustic guitar we’ve already heard, but the soulful delivery from Cat Burns keeps me listening on.

This EP from a production perspective doesn’t take too many risks, which we know she is capable of as shown by the Drum’n’Bass and Drill remixes of ‘go.’ What shines about this project is the personal lyricism and the emotion that Cat Burns shows, that feels authentic and real. It’s a nice taster for that debut album and I’m sure will keep fans happy till that day comes.

Cat Burns is on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok!

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